“Keeping up with the…”- Ryan Reynolds Seemingly Announces His ‘Deadpool’ Plans as He Shares a Gym Picture Following Hugh Jackman’s Biceps Display

“Keeping up with the…”- Ryan Reynolds Seemingly Announces His ‘Deadpool’ Plans as He Shares a Gym Picture Following Hugh Jackman’s Biceps Display

Do you have someone whom you tease a lot but is your close friend? Because when we look at the bond between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, possibly everyone craves a bond like theirs. For years, their ongoing feud has kept their fans entertained. It seems the Canadian actor is ready with yet another response to Jackman’s biceps show-off.

When the Deadpool actor and Scarlett Johansson got married in 2008, the feud between him and Jackman began. Since then, both actors never miss a chance to pull each other’s legs. As both actors are going to appear together in Deadpool 3, they are training hard for their respective roles. Recently, Ryan Reynolds posted a picture on his Instagram profile standing in the gym.

Interestingly enough, he captioned the picture, “Keeping Up With The Jackmans.” While fans gush over the pictures, they expressed their excitement at the upcoming installment of the Deadpool films. Well, this picture seems the response to The Son actor’s recent show off of his biceps.

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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s feud continues

On the 10th of February, Jackman posted a picture of himself with his trainer. He wrote in the caption, “He’s only 46. I am older. But it’s not a competition.” This was a response to Reynolds’ story of himself working out, as he called his frenemy out jokingly. However, after this post, once again, the Logan actor posted his video of working out as if it was his leg day.

In response to Jackman’s recent show-offs, Reynolds posted his picture this time with a provoking caption. Their fun is not limited to their workout regimes. The Red Notice actor expressed his willingness to perform a song at the upcoming Oscars from his film, Spirited. Jackman urged fans not to encourage Reynolds as well.

Now, fans are excited to see Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. They are expecting more fun and thrill from the film as they would see Deadpool vs Wolverine after a long time now. Therefore, while the expectations from the fandom are high, the actors are getting ready to serve them as well.

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