Ryan Reynolds Refuses to Return a Prized Possession of MCU Star Chris Evans; “Never” Said the Deadpool 3 Actor

Ryan Reynolds Refuses to Return a Prized Possession of MCU Star Chris Evans; “Never” Said the Deadpool 3 Actor

Everyone’s favorite Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds is again back on social media getting into hilarious conversations with his fans. The actor has a penchant for cooking up really weird stories and tickling people’s funny bones. It’s not a secret that he has friends with many A-listers from the industry. One of them includes Chris Evans. Apparently, Ryan has been keeping something of Chris and is adamant about not returning it despite the fans urging him to. 

Ryan Reynolds refuses to give back Chris’ hair 

Around two years ago the Captain America star had posted about his long hair and how much he missed the locks. Reynolds in that post had joked that he was keeping some of his gorgeous locks. 

The actor had forgotten about this post, only for a fan to remind him recently. The fan asked him to return Chris his hair, but the actor outright refused to do that! This hilarious social media interaction has already caught the attention of the fans.

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Well, the actor has a packed schedule so he can worry less about a lock of hair now. Early this year, he delivered a hit with Netflix’s The Adam Project. It saw him team up with Shawn Levy for the nth number of times. Whereas, Chris Evans also made his first move to Netflix with the Russo brothers, The Gray Man. The big-budget movie was a star-studded affair with Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, and Dhanush in it. 

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Now Ryan is currently busy with his documentary series Welcome to Wrexham on FX and Hulu. The documentary series chronicles their struggle to get the team on the field after they acquired the team recently. Wrexham AFC is the third oldest football team in the world, and Ryan along with business partner Rob McElhenney plans to maintain the brand and use the opportunity to raise money to invest in the team. Apart from owning a football team now, the actor is also hitting the gym. Apparently, Ryan Reynolds is getting into shape for Deadpool 3.

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