“I got him a friendship piranha”: Ryan Reynolds Gets Possessive About Sharing his Best Friend with A Little Girl From Broadway

“I got him a friendship piranha”: Ryan Reynolds Gets Possessive About Sharing his Best Friend with A Little Girl From Broadway

Fans have been entertained by the fake feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds for years now. The two have continuously engaged in some sort of humourous bickers ever since they came together in the X-Men movies. The two stars were then seen together mocking each other on the sets of Deadpool movies as well.

But fans can rest assured as this is just a silly show put up by them to entertain their beloved fans and nothing else. In fact, their friendship has just continued to grow thicker over the years. At this point, Ryan doesn’t even stand a little girl around his bestie, and here’s the proof!

Ryan Reynolds couldn’t understand what in the frozen hell that was

Recently, Hugh Jackman was seen on social media with a little girl who got the tag of being his #bff. The girl happens to be just nine to ten-year-old by the name Kennedy Pitney. The video shows the little fan making a friendship bracelet for her new bestie. She was seen all elated and cheerful when the star wore it on his wrist, followed by a heartwarming hug. Seems like this went a bit too harsh on Hugh’s long-term buddy Ryan Reynolds as his comments clearly show. 

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Ryan retweeted from his official account that said it was no competition, but he got his friend “a friendship piranha.

Likewise, on Instagram, for the same post, Ryan couldn’t believe what he saw and went all bamboozled over the same. Not only that, he expressed clear enviousness and agitation with a bold hashtag that said “#disgusted

Ryan is all envious while Jackman gets the final swing

The story doesn’t end here as Jackman got to have the final swing. He posted a reply that reminded the former about making nothing like a bracelet for him as the little girl.

Similarly, on Twitter, Jackman mockingly threatened that he was calling up Ryan’s mother. This is just like a cat fight between two besties of grade five. It’s nothing but free entertainment to fans. Sometimes, it is even wholesome to watch our beloved stars become so childlike and give us absolutely lovely content as such.

Such were the recent hilarious happenings between the two stars. The tweets and posts also happened to catch the reactions of a number of fans online. Some of them even played along and mocked Ryan humorously over the Betrayal. Isn’t their unique friendship adorable? What do you think? Share your thoughts with us.

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