Ryan Reynolds Reveals the Uncanny Reason for His Fear of Airplanes, and It Involves a Scary Flashback

Ryan Reynolds Reveals the Uncanny Reason for His Fear of Airplanes, and It Involves a Scary Flashback

Canadien-American actor Ryan Reynolds has come a long way in the industry. Ryan has portrayed various characters, from starring in TV shows to getting big hit movies. From comedy to action to romance, he has been one of the most talented actors who earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But did you know that even after being a successful actor and producer, he is afraid of airplanes? Yes, and here’s the reason.

Ryan Reynolds is afraid of airplanes

Ryan Reynolds has portrayed some of the bravest characters in action films. He has flown in airplanes for the sake of a scene. However, when he, along with the cast of the movie Red Notice, appeared for a fun interview, they all talked about many things, including their fears. Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds opened up about what they were afraid of.

They had to guess about their co-actors favorites, fears, and much more. Ryan was the first one to make their guesses about. The very first question they faced was the difficult one, the biggest fear Ryan has. While Gal and Dwayne shared their answers about Ryan’s fear, Ryan’s revelation was a little surprising. He revealed the answer and said he’s afraid of airplanes. As surprised as you are, Dwayne and Gal had the same reactions.

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However, Ryan gave an uncanny reason for this. He said he’d had a couple of incidents while he was on an airplane, and therefore, he’s afraid of them. When he was 19, he went sky-diving. As his parachute didn’t open, he developed a fear of heights. This fear tranfered to airplanes. He said he had a reverse while diving through the air and even though his chute didn’t open he didn’t want to open his reserve. He thought, “I’m not gonna pull my reserve, ’cause then I’ll have no chutes left after that.” 

However, eventually, The Adam Project star pulled the reserve and landed safely. But ever since, he’s been afraid of heights which eventually became about airplanes. “And since then, I’ve been terrified of flying,” admits the Marvel star. So, this is how, for an astonishing reason, Ryan reveals his fear of airplanes.

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Do you also have fears like these? Make your friends guess them while you stream Red Notice on Netflix here.

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