Ryan Reynolds’ Home, Canada Once Did Chris Evans Dirty With “an act of aggression” in Choosing His Picture

Ryan Reynolds’ Home, Canada Once Did Chris Evans Dirty With “an act of aggression” in Choosing His Picture

When John F Kennedy famously said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for the country,” many were left confused. But decades later, Ryan Reynolds and Canada are proving that it can work both ways. Ryan Reynolds started acting at the ripe age of thirteen in an attempt at what he describes as “running away from home.” The actor, however, put his maximum effort (pun intended) into acting and has currently been riding the high tide of popularity. Apart from his blockbuster works, the actor is known for his golden humor.

Reynolds has a knack for saying the most ridiculous things all the while maintaining a straight face. A trick that works as long as you do not start a revolt. And Reynolds has, through his words and work, won hearts around the globe. However, his own remains in Canada. While his Canadian roots may have come to light to many only recently after he expressed his interest in buying the Ottawa senators, Canadians have always been the first ones to hail their superhero. And they are not afraid of violating another star if it comes to it. And Chris Evans has been the most vocal victim.

Ryan Reynolds ousts Chris Evans as favorite superhero

Ryan Reynolds may have just entered the Marvel cinematic universe, but we already know that a friendship between Deadpool and Captain America will not be the easiest. Especially considering what Canada did to Evans in 2019. It was the year of the release of Evans’ greatest hits, such as Avengers: Endgame and Knives Out. But that is when Canada, more specifically ET Canada, decided to use what one could assume is the worst of Chris Evans’ pictures.

And this did not go unnoticed by the actor, who was quick to call out their clear “act of aggression.” And in a frustrated cry of despair, Chris Evans wrote, “What did I ever do to you, Canada?”.

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Although it’s because we are loyal to Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds only went unsaid, it was understood.

Furthermore, more Canadians chimed in to remind the actor that he was Captain “America.” The rant was all fun and games, given how Chris Evans dropped in to make a stellar cameo in Ryan Reynolds’ meta movie Free Guy.

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