“It’s a tightrope walk” – Ryan Reynolds Gives Promising Updates for the Deadpool and Wolverine Collision

“It’s a tightrope walk” – Ryan Reynolds Gives Promising Updates for the Deadpool and Wolverine Collision

The friendly rivalry between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has long been a source of entertainment for fans. However, the comeback of Wolverine in the third installment of Deadpool has stirred the internet. Since this dynamic duo is not leaving a single chance to roast and troll each other. We recently saw how the Canadian star dissed his frenemy over his title suggestion for the upcoming Deadpool-Wolverine team up.

In his forever fashion, the Free Guy star went to Twitter to pock fun at Jackman and asked the academy to nominate the actor for his amazing performance in The Sun. It is exciting how these two continuously hype the arrival of this highly anticipated movie through social media. While giving fans some relief from their anticipations, Reynolds has finally given promising updates for the Deadpool and Wolverine collision.

Ryan Reynolds spills important details about the Wolverine angle in Deadpool 3 

Ryan Reynolds sat down with The Wrap on January 12 to talk about Wolverine’s exciting comeback. In the interview, he revealed that Deadpool 3 will be the most authentic, thrilling, and satisfying experience for fans.

“I think it’s a tightrope walk. I mean most of these movies are always a tightrope walk of tone, so in this instance, though, you have a collision of two pretty iconic characters that exist in the Marvel Ancillary Universe,” he shared with The Wrap.

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He continued explaining that the creators are finding a way to do justice to both these amazing characters. According to him, these two lethal MCU characters will bring something great on-screen in one frame. Moreover, the 46-year-old star also stated that Marvel has been supporting them in accomplishing the right tone and vision for the movie. Since they allowed them to do any experiments, they want to try this time.

Meanwhile, you might remember Ryan Reynolds previously mentioned on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, that they are going to protect the legacy of Logan. Therefore, it is going to be a big blast for everyone seeing how good both the actors have been doing all these years.

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