Ryan Reynolds Going Wild With National Geographic Series ‘Underdogs’ And Unsophisticated Cast of Animals

Ryan Reynolds Going Wild With National Geographic Series ‘Underdogs’ And Unsophisticated Cast of Animals

Life with Ryan Reynolds is a certified giggle fest. And it seems like we are once again going to experience it firsthand within a broader spectrum of nature. National Geographic has apparently sealed the approval of the Reynolds-helmed series, Underdogs– a brand new Telenovela series on animal history with a brand new perspective. And guess what? The Merc with the mouth is not only producing it but will also be the omnipresent narrator throughout! Yes, it is certainly going to be a fun-inducing experience.

Soon to be the father of a fourth child, the Deadpool mercenary has provided us with enough tips on parenting and family upbringing in the wittiest way possible. But now, the Green Lantern is going to expand his scope as he explores the tough parenting techniques of the unique creatures of nature, celebrating and championing the unpredictable behavior of the little-known cast of animal characters. Here is everything you would want to know about it.

Ryan Reynolds tells the story of the ‘Underdogs’ of nature, adding his own flavors of humor and wit

According to the official teaser released by National Geographic on Friday, the series will tell the story of the keepers of nature with a unique perspective. It will bring out the good, the bad, and the ugly of these overlooked superstars. From their unique courtship rituals to appreciable hygiene choices and much more; the Spirited actor is already “having a lot of fun trying to bring a new voice to animal docs.”

He further revealed that his co-producer Wildstar films have all the cut-edging techs and expertise to meet Nat Geo’s heavy budget. As per Deadline, Maximum Effort is also a co-producer of the series. Wildstar’s Dan Rees asserted in a statement that pairing up with Reynolds means humor is waiting for you in every sentence. All in all, the Canadian actor is to land right in the heart of nature after his much-awaited superhero flick, putting the “spotlight on less explored denizens of our planet” and backing it up with stomach-aching, snort-inducing laughter.

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Do you love watching animal history? Do let us know in the comments below if you are jumpy as puppets to watch the Wrexham FC owner bring his shenanigans to the natural lexicon.

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