The Buyer Becomes The Seller? Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile On The List of T-Mobile for Acquiring

The Buyer Becomes The Seller? Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile On The List of T-Mobile for Acquiring

Often actors have investments in real estate or side business apart from acting, but very few have the business acumen that Ryan Reynolds possesses. Besides, pursuing his career in Hollywood, the Canadian is also a writer, producer, and entrepreneur. The Deadpool star is currently busy expanding his business empires with a new mobile service provider. 

He owns a digital marketing agency, Maximum Effort, Aviation Gin, a football team Wrexham AFC and even a prepaid carrier, Mint Mobile. But now it looks like he is making arrangements to sell Mint Mobile after owning it since 2019. 

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Ryan Reynolds may sell Mint Mobile to T-Mobile 

Ryan Reynolds acquired the budget provider in 2019. He has since then appeared in Mint Mobile advertisements and promoted it often on his social media profiles urging fans to switch to the budget telecom provider. Although a rival to larger, more costly telecom providers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, Bloomberg reports that T-Mobile is currently in negotiations with Mint Mobile to acquire it.

Neither the company nor Reynolds was available for comment. However, the sale does make sense since Mint Mobile does not have its own 4G LTE or 5G network. It uses T-Mobile’s network. The acquisition will actually help in the transition of customers. Mint Mobile might retain its own identity, or it may become a part of T-Mobile brands like Metro. 

Additionally, the company is a part of Ultra Mobile. Whether the acquisition involves Ultra Mobile too is not yet clear. Ryan’s efforts in promoting Mint have worked wonders for the brand. His celebrity status and unique promotion ideas helped the brand gain more exposure and grow its user base. 

Currently, Ryan is more focused on his Wales football team that he co-owns with Rob McElhenney. As with Ryan, he enjoys buying brands that need a push. The football team was no different. One of the oldest football teams, Wrexham AFC was long past its glory days. But with the efforts of both Reynolds and Rob, the fifth tier recently defeated Coventry and has amassed enough exposure over the last two years. The underdog story is documented well in Hulu’s Welcome to Wrexham.

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What is your take on the matter? Are you a Mint Mobile customer?

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