Did ChatGTP, The AI technology, Justify The Needs of Ryan Reynolds For His Mint Mobile Commercial?

Did ChatGTP, The AI technology, Justify The Needs of Ryan Reynolds For His Mint Mobile Commercial?

The ongoing trends in any area become cringe in no time. However, when it comes to Ryan Reynolds, he takes up the trend and makes it more interesting. The American-Canadian actor is not only an actor as of now. He has spread his wings in various businesses and taken them to a higher level. The owner of Mint Mobile also surprised fans during the Holiday season with an offer of free tattoos as well. As a matter of course, the actor is back with another catchy advertisement for his mobile company.

The People’s Icon is going to appear as the iconic character in the coming year. The character itself is funny, smart, and entertaining, just like the actor himself. This character is none other than Deadpool. As the entire world knows, Reynolds has an amazing sense of humor. He knows what he is doing and how he is doing it. This quality of the actor makes him lovable in the fandom. Once again, the Free Guy actor broke the internet with his witty advertisement for Mint Mobile.

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The gist of classic Ryan Reynolds

What is classic Ryan Reynolds? Well, the actor himself says in the advertisement clip he wants to convey the message in Ryan Reynolds’ style. And that is, it includes jokes, of course, curse words, and much more. He asked this technology to write an advertisement this way only. Did the technology justify his needs? Here, take a look below.

As the company always looks for ways to save money for its customers, this year they made an ad using ChatGTP, the AI technology. He asked for specific needs for the commercial and the technology justified his needs. Acknowledging the fact that Mint Mobile is sh*t, it wrote, despite other wireless companies ending their holiday promos, Mint Mobile continues them. Mint Mobile is keeping the “party going.” And the best part comes at the end of the video.

The smart joke that appeals to people to sign up for Mint Mobiles. Well, if you sign up now, you will get to hear Reynolds’ voice every time you call customer service. “Just kidding. That’s not really a thing.” We knew it, Ryan, we knew it. It was a little terrifying but compelling advertisement by The Proposal actor. He proposed holiday promos, promoted AI technology, and appealed to people to subscribe to Mint Mobile in a classic way.

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Well, know more about ChatGTP and tell us how did you like the advertisement?

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