TEMPTATIONS! Pregnant Blake Lively Has an Uncanny Craving to Get a Thigh Tattoo After Ryan Reynolds’ Fans Display

TEMPTATIONS! Pregnant Blake Lively Has an Uncanny Craving to Get a Thigh Tattoo After Ryan Reynolds’ Fans Display

Did you think Ryan Reynolds is the only one who makes the funniest content and comments on social media? Well, you are wrong. His wife, Blake Lively, is one step ahead of her husband. If you remember, Reynolds posted a clip offering temporary tattoos to the Mint subscribers on his Instagram earlier. And his wife reposted his story with the funniest caption of it.

The amazingly lovely couple has been married to each other since 2011. Even after a decade of spending their lives together, they can not stop roasting each other. However, from being an actor to becoming a businessman, Ryan Reynolds has come a long way. They even have a beautiful family of 3 daughters and a fourth baby coming soon. Amidst her pregnancy, Lively’s cravings have also increased. This time it is to get a tattoo of Reynolds’ face on her thighs.

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Blake Lively and her temptations are reaching a new level

Pregnancy can make you crave things you’d never be able to imagine. Now that the Deadpool actor’s telecommunication company is offering a temporary tattoo to Mint subscribers, Lively also wants to get one. When Reynolds posted the story on his Instagram, his wife reposted the story with the funniest caption. It acknowledged the cravings during the pregnancy. But she wrote, “I realize pregnancy is a strange time to get a thigh tatt but I’m nothing if not committed.”

Although the Wrexham AFC owner is famous for his sense of humor, Lively often beats her man with hers. However, fans have been going crazy with the tattoo offer and getting them, too. The Gossip Girl star doesn’t want to be left behind, as the fandom posted their pictures with the tattoos on social media. The tattoo is a picture of Ryan Reynolds with a phrase that says, “No regrets switching to Mint mobile.”

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The actor reposted a fan’s tweet about the tattoo with a caption. The caption said, “Tattoos are temporary. The savings are permanent.” Moreover, Lively’s fun didn’t end when she reposted the picture. Reynolds again reposted her story, acknowledging that he also had a tattoo of his face on his thighs. While this couple is having fun with each other and keeping us delighted, did you also get a tattoo?

How incredible it is to have a partner with whom you can have fun like this! Do you also have someone with whom you can do things like this? Feel free to share it in the comment box below.

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