Ryan Reynolds Has a New Reason to Drink Thanks to Wrexham FC

Ryan Reynolds Has a New Reason to Drink Thanks to Wrexham FC

Ryan Reynolds has established himself not only as an actor worth millions but also as the human incarnation of the ‘relatable AF’ meme. Therefore, when the actor pulled out the big guns, as in the $2 million guns, to invest in the old-story that Wrexham AFC had become, fans were naturally intrigued. Especially, given the numerous alcohol dependancy jokes that the actor has up his sleeves.

Apart from business ventures, Reynolds also has made a lifetime investment by becoming a father of four kids. And his conclusion is that gin is a necessity. The actor even thanked Aviation gin for making him the father he is today. Looks like being the owner of a football club is mirroring the same trials and turbulences of having a kid, and Reynolds is once again questioning the parameters of appropriate drinking hours.

Not kids, Ryan Reynolds now needs a drink because of Wrexham FC

Reynolds, as he has presented through various walks of his life, finds solace in drinking. Be it the first time that he mustered up the courage to watch Green Lantern or probably the millionth time that his daughters forced him to watch Frozen. As Wrexham FC made a surprise seven-goal thriller against Aldershot Town in the last minute, beelining its way out of the anticipated loss, Ryan Reynolds stumbled to find his drinks. “Really tested the limits of appropriate drinking hours,” the American actor tweeted while tagging Wrexham FC.

The actor is not shy about confessing that drinking is among the many things that get him through the day. “I am mostly drinking,” the actor confessed about his quarantine routine to a baffled Stephen Colbert in 2020, as reported by ET. Two years and a whole resurrecting a whole football club later, Reynolds is maintaining the same answer.

What does the win against Aldershot Town mean for Wrexham FC?

Reynolds’ football club displayed brilliant potential as it played in the FA club and gave Sheffield United a tough competition before finally accepting defeat. After winning with flying colors against Aldershot Town, the Welsh football club now needs to win games to level up in the league.

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Last year, it was during this crucial turn that the team had lost a match to Grimsby Town. However, thanks to its new owners, Wrexham FC looks like it is in just the right shape to get a promotion.

Did you also need a drink to get through the Wrexham-Aldershot Town match? Let us know in the comments below.

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