From “Fun Uncle Potential” to Wanting to “Write a Book on Parenting” Every Iconic Quote Ryan Reynolds Has Said About Parenting

From “Fun Uncle Potential” to Wanting to “Write a Book on Parenting” Every Iconic Quote Ryan Reynolds Has Said About Parenting

Ryan Reynolds never had the pleasure of working with Alfred Hitchcock, but it seems the actor has studied the renowned filmmaker enough to become a version of him. That is the only logical explanation one can give to justify the actor’s unpredictability and wit. Reynolds has the unique ability to grab the audience’s interest by the jugular just by using his words. And more often than not, the butt of most of his jokes are the people he loves the most: His family.

Reynolds has three daughters by the name of Jame, Inez, and Betty, who have not only inspired Taylor Swift’s songs but also accounted for some of Reynold’s best anecdotes. In honor of the newborn baby, here are some of the most iconic things the Deadpool actor has said about parenting.

Ryan Reynolds and his iconic parenting jokes

Ryan Reynolds is the owner of Wrexham FC, Mint Mobile, Maximum Efforts, and also some of the most iconic lines said about parenting.

1. When he acknowledged he had “only fun uncle potential”

In 2016, Reynolds attended his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, however, he was not the star of the show. The actor attended the ceremony with Blake Lively and their two daughters, James and Inez.

While giving his speech, the actor saw the opportunity to thank his wife in his typical fashion. “You’ve made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential,” Reynolds said as reported by E News.

2. When Ryan Reynolds’ dirty work made the couple move towns

In 2016, the Free Guy actor joined TODAY hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda for a chat, where he confessed that he liked doing the dirty work. Now “dirty work” could mean something scandalous if it were another actor. But considering it is Reynolds, the actor was referring to diaper-changing duty as “dirty work”.

“I love the dirty work,” the actor said. He further added, “The other day there was a diaper so bad I thought we had to move to another town.” Moving towns because of a diaper does not seem very Deadpool-esque, but the dry humor definitely does.

3. When Blake Lively bore witness to his dirty work

Not long after Reynolds’ chat with TODAY hosts, Blake Lively appeared in the same show to promote The Shallows. And the hosts questioned if the 6 Underground actor had lied to them about doing the dirty work. However, Lively confirmed that her husband does “love the dirty work,” and also that they moved towns because of the diaper.

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The actress further shared another entertaining diaper-changing story. The Gossip Girls actress recalled how when they were changing the baby’s diaper, Reynolds said, “You gotta get rid of it.” But it was not the diaper he was referring to, it was “the child”.

4. When Ryan Reynolds reviewed Frozen

One of the most magical movies that Disney has dropped in recent years is Frozen. And Reynolds’ kids religiously watch the movie, which ultimately means the actor has to watch it too. And by the time he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2018, the actor had watched it enough times to state an unknown fact about the movie.

“I have seen Frozen with my daughters so, so many times and people don’t know this, but if you play Frozen backwards, it’s actually a shot-for-shot remake of The Exorcist,” the actor jokingly said.

5. When he got the ultimate Father’s Day Gift from his daughter

The Deadpool actor, albeit his dry sense of humor, is just a pile of mush when it comes to his children. In 2015, the actor tweeted about receiving the best father’s day gift from his daughter. And turns out, it was a smile.

Whoever said “A smile can say a thousand words” was not lying because his daughter’s smile was all he needed to pack “a bag and left for 6 years to write a book on parenting.”

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However, it has been more than six years, and fans are still waiting for Reynolds to drop his parenting book. And if it is a guide on how to become as cool of a dad as he is, we are sure it would become a bestseller in no time.

6. When he made the difficult decision of using his wife as a bullet shield

Over the years, many have written about becoming a parent changes a person. But none have done it as beautifully as Ryan Reynolds. When he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman in 2015, the actor beautifully expressed the change in one’s priorities when one becomes a parent.

Reynolds recounted how he used to say that he would take a bullet for his but “the second I looked in that baby’s eyes, I knew in that exact moment that if we were ever under attack, I would use my wife as a human shield to protect that baby,”.

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