Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Explore ‘Bromance’ in the New Wrexham Episode

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Explore ‘Bromance’ in the New Wrexham Episode

Well, what does bromance have anything to do with a show about football? Apparently everything. For one, without the bromance between Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, Welcome to Wrexham would not have happened.

Ryan and Rob bought Wrexham AFC, one of the oldest football teams to ever exist in the world in 2020. Almost an impulsive decision on their part. The duo has worked hard to make sure the team was given ample exposure. And with Ryan’s brilliant marketing, it seems their hard work has paid off. Wrexham now has way more fans than it did and is also progressing pretty fast in the league.

You can catch the duo prepping up their team in Hulu’s Welcome to Wrexham. In a recently shared clip, we see the duo address bromance and how it comes to play in their co-ownership of the team.

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Rob McElhenney urges Ryan Reynolds to address the mustache in the room 

In one of the episodes of Welcome to Wrexham, Ryan Reynolds is seen sporting a Ted Lasso-esque mustache. Adding to the comedy, McElhenney asked him, “Can we address the moustache in the room?” Cut to the next clip; the Deadpool star is seen pushing him on a swing as the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star sat with a blank expression. He then adds that he finds it “fascinating” when people refer to their relationship as a bromance. A woman then quickly interjects with a definition of Bromance.

For the unversed, it simply means a friendship between two males. Furthermore, she adds that there isn’t any “female equivalent” to the term and that men have to constantly self-police themselves in their relationships with other males. Although the episode was created to promote Wrexham, it cleverly addressed the societal pressure on men and the scrutiny they face with their relationship with members of the same gender.

Ryan is currently preparing for the upcoming release of his Christmas movie Spirited with Will Ferrell. Apart from that, the man is also getting ready to embrace fatherhood for the fourth time. He has openly expressed his desire for the baby to be a girl again!

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Have you watched all the episodes of Welcome to Wrexham on Hulu? 

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