How ‘Blade: Trinity’ Helped Ryan Reynolds’ ace ‘Deadpool’? What Makes Hannibal King and Deadpool Similar?

How ‘Blade: Trinity’ Helped Ryan Reynolds’ ace ‘Deadpool’? What Makes Hannibal King and Deadpool Similar?

Ryan Reynolds starrer Deadpool is not only one of his best works but rather, a stack of all his top-tier characters gummed together. It is the compilation of every effort put in by the actor in each of his previous works that turned out to be a masterpiece of the era. One of the major contributors to boosting this superhero classic was Reynolds’ Blade: Trinity. 

In fact, it was Ryan Reynolds‘ only chance to prove that he is the only one fit for Deadpool, or so reports Screenrant. Not many of us are aware of it, but this critically panned movie provided the perfect backup for the Canadian star to build up his arc based on the Marvel comic.

How Ryan Reynolds’ Hannibal King shaped his Deadpool in a myriad of ways 

By looking at the uncanny similarities between the characters of Ryan Reynolds, you will see how his Trinity character shaped his superhero. Although Hannibal King and Deadpool have had strikingly different fanbase, both have some common attributes associated with them. First and foremost, both are the personification of extreme violence and brutality that they inflict for furthering their own ends. Both have a natural, inbuilt instinct to use obscene language and mannerisms. 

Although Hannibal can never be compared to the stature of Deadpool, the parallels between them can never be left unnoticed. In addition to the above-mentioned vividly similar attributes, the characters also have a knack for lighting the air with their hilarious yet dreadful jokes. And humor never goes in vain. 

Leave alone their gross-out sense of humor and general characteristics. The cinematography and the thematic representation of both movies are equally noticeable. A number of scenes bear a striking resemblance to each other from both ends. For instance, Hannibal King’s capture by the Vampires in a Wade Wilson-esque style and Deadpool’s torture episode by Francis. 

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In brief, everything from Reynolds’ Hannibal King can be seen inculcated in an exponentially enhanced manner. It would not be wrong to say that his King actually laid the foundations for Deadpool to establish his hold. What is your take on this? Share it with us in the comments below.

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