‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 New Poster Opens a Gate to Endless Possibilities

‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 New Poster Opens a Gate to Endless Possibilities

The comedy cartoon duo of Rick and Morty has now entertained us fans for nearly a decade now. The anarchic show about the dimension-hopping pair did hit a rough patch in its last season. It became a little more serialized and turned darker, which didn’t sit quite well with a lot of the fans who had expected the usual wild fun. Of course, the destruction of the Citadel and the Central Finite Curve made fans a little skeptical about the upcoming season. But now that season 6 is just a month away, Adult Swim has released some new promos and posters that offer some interesting sneak peek into the new season.

What is that mysterious egg featured in the Rick and Morty poster?

The Adult Swim Festival unveiled a new poster featuring a mysterious egg recently.

They have also released a new teaser featuring that same egg from the poster. In the teaser, the egg is preserved at a facility inside the Citadel while explosions keep happening. Interestingly, if you head to the Adult Swim website you’d also see a countdown to something called Wormageddon.

The creators haven’t given us any clue as to what’s inside the egg. But we can presume that it’s a worm. Since the show is highly unpredictable we don’t know if the egg will have any implications over the characters or the storyline or if it’s just a gag. 

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We got an extended promo as well, featuring an Eyepatch Morty. He takes a yellow gun and shoots with it to create a portal that will take him to a universe where Rick isn’t the smartest.

From the promos and teasers, the premise for Rick and Morty 6 does seem interesting. Creator Justin Roiland had already hinted that this season would have a bit more canon than the previous seasons. But it’s still going to retain the chaotic, fun approach to storytelling. No matter how much we speculate at the moment, the show tends to pull the rug out from underneath us. So we’ll have to wait till September 4 to find out what’s really going to happen in the next season

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