Remember The Bridge From ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix? Tintern Wireworks Bridge is Going to Get an Upgrade

Remember The Bridge From ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix? Tintern Wireworks Bridge is Going to Get an Upgrade

Sex Education on Netflix has taken the teen world by storm. The sexual misadventures of humans or sensually active social beings are so thoughtfully rendered through its characters. Even adults could learn a thing or two from them. The characters are so on point that we cannot help but relate and sympathize with them. In order to achieve this goal, the director has done a great job of setting the drama in specific locations.

Among the many other locations, one was that wooden bridge that helped Otis see through his ability as an excellent sex advisor. Of course, you don’t remember the bridge. Let’s brush up on your memory.

Otis and Eric walk home after Aimee’s party

Remember Aimee’s party back in season one, episode 2 of Sex Education? Yes, the exact party for which Eric dressed up in this sexy orange monochrome outfit. Well, on their way back home, Otis and Eric have an absolute bromantic conversation on this bridge.

Eric talks about the party being lit. He then asks if Otis found any client. To which Otis replies with a heavy heart that they haven’t and his eternal crush, Maeve has called off the whole business. To this, Eric responds that who needs her anyway when there is plenty of hot scary fish in the sea.

Ironically, it is also the bridge where Otis and Maeve get closer to each other and have their quality time. Wait, but why are we talking about the bridge so much? That’s because this historic bridge has gotten weak and might need some therapy in Jean Milburn’s style.

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The iconic bridge in Sex Education will be closed for 9 months

Tintern Wireworks Bridge, as we know it, has become a popular crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists. It links Offa’s Dyke and Wye Valley paths. This 1876’s landmark was used as a horse-drawn tramway after the Wye Valley Railway was closed.

A survey recently found that there are severe localized corrosions on the bridge and gave an estimate of 1.5 million pounds to repair it. According to BBC, Monmouthshire, and Gloucestershire councils, the owner of the bridge, will be funding for the same. The landmark will certainly stay closed for about nine months for the repairs to take place, per the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

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Hence, if you were planning to visit this beautiful place anytime soon, you will have to postpone your plans. Alternatively, you can always enjoy the view from the comfort of your home, when you stream Sex Education Netflix.

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