F**k The Pain Away: Netflix Released the Ultimate ‘Sex Education’ Song by The Moordale Swing Band

F**k The Pain Away: Netflix Released the Ultimate ‘Sex Education’ Song by The Moordale Swing Band

Just when we thought that the month of October can’t get any better; Netflix released the ultimate Sex Education song that we saw on the show, and it is truly amazing! After season 2’s sex-fueled musical performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; Fuck The Pain Away really hit it out of the park, as fans clearly fell in love with this questionably filthy song.

The song from this Netflix Original is a version of Peache’s ‘Fuck the Pain Away’; that was released back in 2000 on the album The Teaches of Peaches. Moordale Swing Band seems to be a fan of the song; owing to their amazing science teacher and the liberty he offers they have created the next big performance for the Moordale Assembly.

What is this new Sex Education Song?

Well, the fans of the show are pretty familiar with the amazing band that adds to the glory of Moordale High; Moordale Swing Band. The group’s last bug performance came in season 2; when they performed a pretty sexualized version of “Romeo and Juliet Musical”; no kidding it was an absolute treat to watch. This time in Sex Education season 3 the band has truly shown their growth and development, as they went on to create this masterpiece.

Sex Education Season 3 New Headmistress Hope
Jemima Kirke as Hope Haddon in Sex Education Season 3

The Sex Education song “Fuck The Pain Away” was first performed in episode 2 of the season; when the new HeadTeacher Hope Haddon is taking a stroll around the campus and stumbles upon the band’s practice session; where they are performing a version of Canadian Singer Peaches’ hit song. The YouTube video of the song was released just yesterday.

The “new” School Anthem

Following the many changes that Hope brought to the college; the biggest (at least for Ruby) was the “new” school anthem “non sibi sed tuti” which is Latin for “Not for ourselves, but others”. The Latin song was a bit too alien for Ruby, as this beautiful girl thought it is a song in Elf Language.

But the thing about hard times is they do not last forever, and Ruby’s ended pretty soon too; in episode 7 of the season the Moordale Swing Band took to the stage and as a sign of protest performed the new school anthem “Fuck The Pain Away”. Everything turned into mayhem as students wore placards about their insecurities, danced like crazy animals, and registered their protest against Hope.

Tell us how you liked this new Sex Education song in the comments below.

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