Stars of Sex Education give us the set tour – Check it out!

Stars of Sex Education give us the set tour – Check it out!

Sex Education is a huge blockbuster of Netflix. It is one of the most popular English web series on the streaming platform. The story develops around a young teenage boy. He tries to maintain his relationship with his single mother who is a sex therapist.  Otis, the teenage boy, and his classmate Maeve start their underground sex therapy clinic at school. It’s a teen comedy-drama by Laurie Nunn which received a lot of critical acclaims. The series has an ensemble cast.

Alistair Petrie, as Micheal Groff gave us a tour of the set location of Sex Education with other characters for fans.

Sex Education set tour

Petrie gave us a look at the famous flag of the school and the iconic Moordale School building. One can spot the school values written on the side of the wall. The iconic Moordale building is actually a university building set like an English school for the show. Otis’s and Jean’s houses are set up in the university’s gym space.

After that, Emma Mackey and Aimee Lou Woods as Maeve and Aimee accordingly joined Petrie to show the fans the iconic corridor of Moordale’s building. They complain that all the vagina and penis graffiti is gone in the third season of Sex Education. As Aimee claimed, it is gone because, “We got a new monarch, as you know. It’s Hope Haddon. Remember the name. She is the new head person and doesn’t like penis and vagina graffiti.” 

Aimee even shows the pieces of stuff from her locker, like her floral notebook and a cake sale.

Next, Petrie introduces us to Mimi and Sami, who played the role of Rahim and Ruby on their iconic pink bench, two burgeoning iconic characters of Sex Education. Mimi claimed, “it’s fun to be a bitch.”

Petrie then show us the bike parking, where Otis and Eric parked their bike. Then we move on to the costume room, where we found Connor Swindells and George Robinson, who played the role of Adam and Isaac. Connor was also the show’s costume designer and also gave a look at his iconic ‘brown jacket‘. Connor explained the jacket was just like him, “I liked the jacket of Adam because it had that sort of hard shell, soft interior.

After that, Petrie, Connor, and George gave us a glimpse of the famous English classroom and the common room, where we met with Asa Butterfield, who played the role of Otis.

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