Sex Education Season 4 Might Be the Last Season With the Original Characters 

Sex Education Season 4 Might Be the Last Season With the Original Characters 

The British coming age dramedy, Sex education, has been a hit as soon as it debuted on Netflix in 2019. It has not been too long since the show arrived but the cast is already not too keen about continuing the show past season 4. 

Sex Education quickly rose up the ranks and garnered a lot of attention in a short span due to its ability to tackle taboo topics in a lighthearted manner. It has played a key role in bring controversial and taboo topics into the mainstream. The subjects in the show has been a conversation starter. Fans had a tough time waiting for season 3 after the pandemic postponed the production, but it seems the battle isn’t over for them, yet Netflix hasn’t announced the official date for sex education season 4. 

The plot is simple and just like other coming age stories follows a group of teenagers in Moordale High as they navigate life, friendships, gender, and identity. 

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The cast is too old for Sex Education

While the characters have warmed into our hearts, we might have to say goodbye to them soon. However excellent, the cast is getting too old to play teenagers. When the show aired, the majority of the cast was in their early to mid-twenties. With some of them entering their 30s soon, the creators will be forced to cast a new generation to continue telling the story of high school ups and downs. 

Aimee Lou Wood, who essays the role of Aimee Gibbs, has expressed that she is not eager to play a fresher at 45. 

“We’re going to have to [end the show] because I’m fast approaching 30. We could go to uni, I guess, but I don’t particularly want to be playing a fresher when I’m 45. It’s going to have to come to an end, which is sad, but also I feel like you should always leave them wanting more. Always end on a high instead of having people go, ‘I really wish they would stop,” she says

But we don’t have to worry about that yet, as the cast is for sure to return for the last season. Netflix has already renewed the show for season 4 in 2021. Along with the original cast, viewers will be introduced to two new trans students, Abbi and Kent. For the show to maintain its momentum, the creators have to adopt a different approach-a Skins-like format.

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