Does Michael B Jordan Come Back In Raising Dion Season 2? What Happened To His Character?

Does Michael B Jordan Come Back In Raising Dion Season 2? What Happened To His Character?

A little child inherited with magnificent superpowers; his mother ready to go beyond the lengths to mold him into a superhuman the world needs and father being the guiding angle of the family—Raising Dion indeed is the family superhero show you would want to binge on a family date. As season 2 of this sci-fi drama hit the streaming platform, we met many new characters and sadly lost a few older ones. But the one we were uncertain about was a character portrayed by Michael B. Jordan in Raising Dion: Mark Warren, Dion’s father. Although he was absent in major parts of the series, he has a significant history that explains Dion having superpowers.

As fans binge the second season on Netflix, they might wonder what was the fate of Mark and will he make an appearance in the seasons to follow.

What was the fate of Dion’s father?

Mark Warren, the husband of Nicole and father of Dion, appears in flashback events of the first season. We see him working as a scientist at BIONA, carrying out a research program in Iceland. During that period, he attained superpowers because of an incident called the Aurora Event. Clearly, Dion inherited the powers from his father, who also conducted research on the event, and left notes on these beyond the world abilities.

However, Mark dies saving Charlotte from the Crooked Man, a wicked being hunting on supernatural humans by taking the form of an electrical storm. However, Mark didn’t die in literal terms and was absorbed by the demon, losing his physical substance. That is, he was still present in the form of aura or energy. He later appears to save his gifted child and better half from the grasp of the Crooked Man and sacrifices himself in that process. Seemingly, this time he died for good.

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Does Michael B Jordan come back to Raising Dion season 2?

Mark Warren, played by Michael B. Jordan, appears briefly in Raising Dion season 2. Although it is saddening but we somehow figured it out that we won’t see him anymore, given his fate in season 1. However, in the season 1 finale, he comforted his son, saying he will always be around as energy is neither created nor destroyed; it just changes its form. Hence, it is plausible that we may come across more of Jordan’s character in upcoming seasons.

Moreover, Jordan is the executive producer for the second season, which may explain his absence along with his narrative role in the season. At the same time, he has made no official statement regarding his role as Dion’s father in this spectacular family binge-worthy series. Hence, we are at the fences and do not have any exact clue for the future of Michael B. Jordan’s character in Raising Dion.

Naturally, we didn’t see much of Michael B Jordan in Raising Dion season 2, but we are sure that his aura is always around and he will always be there for Dion and his family in hard times.

Rising Dion season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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    Is mark coming on raising dion

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    April 12, 2022 at 9:50 am

    I’m glad i research show’s before i get into them. Everyone i know is this way. Won’t invest money or time when try change up actors or kill them off. Just not right he was the only reason I got into the show. At least there is hope he will return.. I really like this show.

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      Also, In case it wasn’t obvious thousands of people like myself wait until a show has a second season so they can watch the show all the way through uninterrupted. Since tv FORCES you to watch ads like you don’t work or pay the bills. I always find out the good ones get cancelled or changed. I’d recommend others do the same. You can always get back money. But you can never get back your time.

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