Regé-Jean Page Gets the Russo Stamp of Approval for Bond, “Would make a great James Bond” the Gray Man Directors Suggest

Regé-Jean Page Gets the Russo Stamp of Approval for Bond, “Would make a great James Bond” the Gray Man Directors Suggest

“Martini. Shaken, not stirred!” Can you just imagine the ever-so-dreamy Regé-Jean Page delivering this classic Bond line with absolute perfection? He’s got the looks, the physique, and the accent. No wonder he’s one of the top contenders to play the suave Agent 007. At least when it comes to the fans. Moreover, the Russo Brothers, creators of the brand new action flick, The Gray Man also seem to agree with the speculations.

Russo Brothers hype Regé-Jean Page for Bond

With The Gray Man out recently, the cast and crew of the action flick have had their hand full with promotions. Apparently, if you’re boosting a spy thriller and no one mentions James Bond, you might just get canceled automatically. Luckily for The Gray Man creators, this wasn’t a problem.

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In an exclusive interview with RadioTimes, the Russos were asked to give their two cents regarding the scuttle bug around Page being the next James Bond. Joe Russo eloquently illustrated, “He’s fantastic. I mean, he has more charisma in his pinky than most people do in their entire body. So you know, we’d watch him do anything – I mean we’d watch him read the phonebook!”

Anthony Russo also agreed with the fact and called Page a “very savvy performer.” In an earlier interview, the Russo Brothers also voted Regé-Jean Page as being the most likely to rise through the ranks of the CIA. Do we see a connection? First CIA, then MI6. Maybe Mossad has an opening as well for Page in his next film.

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Page as a CIA bad boy in The Gray Man

Although villainous in The Gray Man, Regé’s character traits sure fit the world’s favorite secret service agent. Funnily enough, when Page himself was asked to comment on the Bond rumors, he casually brushed it off. In a clip by Reuter’s Twitter account, you can even see him dodge the question by turning a deaf ear to it.

Regé-Jean Page plays the formidable CIA kingpin, Denny Carmichael. The not-so-righteous intelligent man orchestrates the whole plot of the film. He is a mind player who, while not getting his own hands dirty, doesn’t shy away from sacrificing the lives of others using psychological warfare. The ‘means justify the end’ kinda strategy.

Do you think Regé-Jean Page has the License to Kill? Also, what did you think of Netflix’s The Gray Man and Regé’s performance as the antagonistic Puppet Master? Let us know in the comments.

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