‘Purple Hearts’ Star Sofia Carson Praises 11-time-Grammy Award Winner Taylor Swift For This One Reason

‘Purple Hearts’ Star Sofia Carson Praises 11-time-Grammy Award Winner Taylor Swift For This One Reason

Sofia Carson has recently been the talk of the town after the huge success of her movie Purple Hearts. The movie was released last month, leaving fans in tears with an amazing love story of feigning to prevailing. Social media fluttered with fan reactions and comments as they swooned over the electric chemistry between Cassie and Luke. The 29-year-old actress has been seen in another famous series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, as Ava Jalali.

Apart from her acting career, she has an enchanting voice which we heard in the romantic Netflix drama. Being a singer herself she knows the ups and downs of rising into this industry. So she praised the 11-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift for a very relatable reason. Continue reading to know what the actress had to say about our heart ruler Swift.

Taylor Swift is an inspiration for Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson recently sat down with Elle to play the famous “Game of Song Association,” as fans heard her beautiful voice in the video. The actress got 10 seconds to sing a song on the given word. She sings many songs and looks all cheered up doing her favorite thing of all time.

When she gets the word “end” in the round, she thinks how there must be a Taylor Swift song with the word end. She then proceeds to sing some lines of “When September Ends,” a song from the American rock band Green Day. While she couldn’t think of Swift’s song at the moment, the Purple Hearts actress takes a minute to gush about the Lover singer.

Taylor Swift, I have always admired. I think she’s an incredible and extraordinary songwriter and storyteller,” said Carson.

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Sofia added that she always gravitated toward storytelling in music, and Taylor’s songs always have a tale for people. The actress said that the singer has represented women so nicely through her music. Well, well, there is no doubt that Carson is a Swiftie.

The actress gave a shout-out to her newly released music album

At the beginning of the Elle video, the actress revealed that her debut album “Sofia Carson” is out. The album was released on March 25, 2022, and has ten songs. Fans can find the whole album available on Spotify and Apple Music.

However, people who can’t get over the mesmerizing songs of Purple Hearts can stream it on Spotify. Especially Come Back Home, which has received about 7 million views on YouTube. Go fall in love with all the eight songs of the movie on Netflix.

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