“NO ONE knows what’s happening” – James Gunn Adds to the Uncertainty Surrounding Henry Cavill’s Superman and His First Appearance

“NO ONE knows what’s happening” – James Gunn Adds to the Uncertainty Surrounding Henry Cavill’s Superman and His First Appearance

DC Extended Universe had been going through a rough patch over the past few months. With only a few releases and the fallout with director Zack Snyder, the future of the franchise looked uncertain. The delay in Henry Cavill’s return as Superman added to the franchise’s problems. However, it all changed on October 24 when the British actor officially announced his return as the Man of Steel through a cameo scene in Black Adam.

After his last appearance in the 2017 film, Justice League the fans were very eager to see Cavill don his kryptonian suit. And now that Cavill has returned, it opens up a lot of possibilities for the franchise.

Recently, Cavill reprised his role as Superman and made his return to DC Extended Universe with a cameo scene in Black Adam. However, the actor announced that the cameo is just the tip of an iceberg and there’s a lot more to the future of Superman. While the possibilities for Superman are endless, director James Gunn recently debunked a rumor surrounding Superman’s first appearance.

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James Gunn reacts to a theory of Henry Cavill’s Superman

As we all know, Warner Bros. recently announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran will be taking over the DC Universe. And James Gunn cleared the air around a rumor about Henry Cavill’s Superman. Recently, rumors were that Henry Cavill would be making appearances on various DC TV shows as per his new contract with the studio.

However, the Suicide Squad director did not take long to respond as Gunn tweeted, “As I’ve stated on here before, NO ONE knows what’s happening at DC Studios right now other than me & Peter. That would include writing up any new contracts for anyone at this point.”

Even though Gunn cleared the air around Cavill’s making TV appearances as Superman, it only adds the uncertainty around Superman’s return. As per reports, there is a possibility that the new Superman will have no connection to the initial Superman. However, as of we do not have any confirmation.

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