Will Henry Cavill’s ‘Man of Steel 2’ Start off a Clean Slate and Have No Connection to the First Superman Outing?

Will Henry Cavill’s ‘Man of Steel 2’ Start off a Clean Slate and Have No Connection to the First Superman Outing?

Since the second part of Henry Cavill starrer Man of Steel was announced, fans have been keeping an eye on every piece of news regarding this film. After all, it was announced after a long wait and will still take about a year or more to release. With its thrilling action scenes and great music, the movie was a huge hit.

Hence, the fans are still as excited about the sequel as they were when they first saw it. But there might be some shocking news in the context of this sequel. There are rumors that the Man of Steel 2 might erase all the previous events that happened in the first part of the film series.

Does this Henry Cavill starrer be a reboot?

DCEU, or DC’s Extended Universe, began its film series with the release of Man of Steel in 2013. From this film onward, all the other releases of DC showed the interlinking of two or more universes and characters. In addition, Man of Steel was a welcome change for DC fans. Moreover, Henry Cavill recently appeared in Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson as the lead. It is 9 years after the release of his first DC release.

But his arrival has come with consequences because a rumor is that the sequel of his Superman film will eliminate some of the events that happened in its first part. The detailed report according to Tomatazos says that the events that will be deleted are from the Timeline after the Flash appeared.

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After a long wait, The Flash will be released in the year 2023. And it is claimed that Flash will bring a significant change to the DC Universe. As a result, eventually, the universes and characters of DCEU will be affected. The base for 2023’s Flash film is the Flash comics, in which there will be a huge alteration caused by Flash. This will be causing major changes in the character of Superman.

Some sources say that the changes made will be good as Superman will not snap the neck of General Zod. Most of the fans found it brutal. The character Superman is a symbol of faith and hope. Let’s hope it will be portrayed the same way in the sequel.


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