Netflix Brings Its Next Biggie After ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ – A More Dramatic ‘Partner Track’

Netflix Brings Its Next Biggie After ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ – A More Dramatic ‘Partner Track’

Netflix dropped the trailer of Partner Track, a series based on the novel by Chinese-American author Helen Wan of the same title. The story focuses on the life of a young lawyer who dedicates her life to becoming the first minority female partner at an esteemed corporate law firm. This series is the second fascinating legal drama after the summer release The Lincoln Lawyer, which received favorable responses from viewers.

Lincoln Lawyer followed idealistic defense attorney Mickey Haller, who works around Los Angeles until he takes on a case in his hands and begins to untangle the thread of a mysterious murder. Partner Track, however, is a different genre and focuses on a different aspect of a lawyer’s life. Let’s see what unique this show has to offer.

Netflix show Partner Track is the story of an ambitious lawyer 

Shows like Partner Track and The Lincoln Lawyer give spectators a chance to explore the world of law and how this justice system works. We don’t usually get to sneak into the lives of lawyers and this genre becomes a reliable source to experience trials and struggles of people.

The story revolves around the old-school firm Parsons Valentine situated in New York City. With a touch of humor and a lot of dramatic scenes in it. Ingrid Yun has been struggling for many years to finally achieve a milestone in her career by becoming a partner with this elite law company. Moreover, Yun encounters different paths where she has to choose between her life or taking a hike in her career. 

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Balancing between her professional and personal life, the protagonist fights all the challenges at her workplace while balancing the pressure from home, being the first lawyer in the history of her Korean American family. Fortunately, Ingrid is surrounded by a supportive group of friends who keeps her spirit alive. However, the most intriguing angle is her love interest, Jeff Murphy, played by Dominic Sherwood, that leads to many complications in the office. 

Partner Track is the next show that viewers should add to their binge-watch list as it will arrive on Netflix on August 26, 2022. Season 1 consists of 10 episodes directed by Emmy nominee Julie Ann Robertson while Sarah Goldfinger and Georgia Lee are the co-showrunners of the epic comedy drama. The cast members include Bradley Gibson, Alexandra Turshen, Rob Heaps, Nolan Gerard Funk, Matthew Rauch, and Georgia Lee. Are you excited about this badass legal drama that will shake up the conventional world of justice? Put your Netflix notification on so you don’t miss the show’s release.

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