‘Virgin River’ Season 4: The Cliched Yet Heartening Guilty Pleasure Is Back on Netflix

‘Virgin River’ Season 4: The Cliched Yet Heartening Guilty Pleasure Is Back on Netflix

Not every show needs multiple timelines, a dark alternate reality, or murderous monsters out to get teenagers (Stranger Things is incredible). At times, all one needs is some good old drama. We might even forgive the tiny bit of melodrama, even if we don’t admit to it publicly. A central romance, a few conflicts, and multiple cliff-hangers all set against the backdrop of a scenic small-town California tick all the boxes. Of course, we mean Virgin River. Despite its cheesy, almost soap-ish quality, the humble show is the series alternative of a warm hug on a rainy evening. And now, with Virgin River Season 4 streaming on the platform, we just can’t keep calm.

How did Virgin River season 3 leave us?

Yes, this show isn’t an intellectual stimulus or a comedy masterpiece with snappy dialogues. However, the easy-on-the-eyes Netflix Original is not frivolous. In its modest way, it touches upon topical issues like illegal marijuana farming, the opioid crisis, and emotional nuances like war PTSD and domestic violence.

Season 3 left us with a barrage of unanswered plot points. Here’s a short recap and a video from TVLine to keep you up to speed. (Spoiler Alert!)

As season 3 came to a close, Mike found a gun in Brady’s car and took him in for shooting Jack. Charmine, Jack’s ex, has just delivered unexpected twins, while the lovable Brie had enough and wanted to distance herself from the town and start afresh. Preacher helping Paige dispose of her abusive ex-husband’s body brings only trouble for him, for we last see him drugged, passed out, and tied up in the woods.

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A strange surprise for the doc shows up as a 20-year-old grandson. Definitely mysterious as the doc and Hope never had children. After the terrible accident, Hope slips into a coma, her life hanging by a thread. And just when Jack is about to propose, Mel reveals she is pregnant. Is Jack the father? Or did the IVF with Mark work? Dram surely hasn’t eluded this tiny town of Virgin River.

What to expect from season 4?

With so many cliffhangers last season, the audience is expecting answers, resolution, and closure from Virgin River season 4. We need to know who took a shot at Jack. Was it really Brady as evidence points, or was he set up? What will become of Preacher? Fans really await the reunion of Preacher, Paige, and Christopher.

Hope’s fate is still up in the air. The new season is sure to explore that storyline as well as the enigma of the potential grandson. Brie’s journey is also at a crossroads. Will her closeness with Mike lead to further complications between her and Calvin? And finally, whose baby is Mel carrying? Will jack and Mel have their fairytale happy ending?

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Whether it truly touches your heart or is just a binge-able placeholder in-between flagship shows, the wait is over at last! Virgin River season 4 is now streaming on Netflix. Season 5 is also closer than you think. Tune in and let us know what you think.

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