Lili Reinhart Examines if “A Single Moment Can Change Your Life” in Netflix’s Upcoming Project Look Both Ways

Lili Reinhart Examines if “A Single Moment Can Change Your Life” in Netflix’s Upcoming Project Look Both Ways

Lili Reinhart is moving away from Riverdale in the latest rom-com, Look Both Ways on Netflix. Initially introduced as a romantic drama with a different twist on the multiple timeline concept, the streamer has finally released a new trailer. The actress shot to fame after her starring role in CW’s Riverdale. She brings the same amount of charm to her role, Natalie, in this Wanuri Kahiu-directed venture. 

Lili Reinhart takes a look at her two different futures in the Look Both Ways trailer on Netflix

The trailer introduces us to Natalie, who asks the viewers “Have you ever wondered, “What if?” In the first few seconds of the trailer. Then we see her hook up with her friend, the night before her graduation. But instead of getting a definite answer, the screen splits in two as we see Natalie living her two different lives. In one timeline, Natalie doesn’t end up getting pregnant. She moves to Los Angeles and gets her dream job and a dream man. She is a career woman navigating her increasing work pressure while balancing out her personal life. 

Meanwhile, in another timeline, the pregnancy test comes out positive. She gives up her dream to become an artist and moves back to Austin to have the baby. Natalie experiences motherhood and has a loving family but has since missed drawing and hanging out with her friends. As we see Natalie in her two parallel realities, she tells us that it isn’t just one moment that makes our life, it’s all of the moments. No matter how much we plan for life, we’d still be unprepared for the surprises that life would throw at us. 

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Apart from Reinhart, Danny Ramirez, Aisha Dee, Andrea Savage, David Corenswet, Luke Wilson and Nia Long also appear in Look Both Ways on Netflix. Apart from leading the film, Reinhart donned the hat of an executive producer for the film. The lighthearted drama will likely appeal to fans of The Map of Tiny Perfect Things and Palm Springs. 

The movie drops on August 17

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