Netflix Tries Human Multiverse in ‘Look Both Ways’ Starring Lili Reinhart

Netflix Tries Human Multiverse in ‘Look Both Ways’ Starring Lili Reinhart

By now, audiences are too familiar with multiverses. From the Marvel movies to the recent wacky take on the subject in Everything Everywhere All At Once, Hollywood has managed to weave interesting narratives involving the different universes. With Lili Reinhart’s latest movie, Look Both Ways, Netflix is also dipping its toes into the multiverse. The movie adds a human twist and will drop on the platform on August 17. 

What is the plot of the Lili Reinhart film? 

Lili plays Natalie, who is on the brink of graduating college and stepping into the adult world. But we get to see separate timelines of Natalie’s life. In one timeline, she gets pregnant and raises her kid in Texas; in the second timeline, she moves to Los Angeles and becomes a career woman. But in both the timelines, we see her struggle, experience heartbreaks, romance, and everything life has to offer while trying to keep her passion for painting alive. 

Meet the cast of Look Both Ways on Netflix

  • Danny Ramirez (Assassination Nation
  • Lili Reinhart (Riverdale)
  • David Corenswet (We Own This City)
  • Luke Wilson (The Royal Tenenbaums)

  • Nia Long (Big Momma’s House)
  • Andrea Savage (I’m Sorry)
  • Aisha Dae (The Bold Type)
  • Taylor Murphy (Everybody Wants Some!!)

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Award-winning director Wanuri Kahiu will direct Look Both Ways on Netflix. Kahiu talking to the Golden Globes, gave her 2 cents on why she decided to pick this project. 

On both sides, it is about women striving for excellence and that is what drew me to it. Either through motherhood or artistry, it is about women striving for excellence,said the director.

Kahiu’s first film, From a Whisper, earned her several African Academy Awards. Her projects also include Cannes Film Festival’s choice Rafiki. She also got the nods from Dublin International Film Festival and Chicago International Film Festival. The director is also set to direct Millie Bobby Brown in her next Netflix movie, The Thing About Jellyfish.

Tell us, are you excited about Look Both Ways

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