Here’s How Sadie Sink, Millie Bobby Brown, And Others Reacted to Their Epic Scenes From ‘Stranger Things’ 4

Here’s How Sadie Sink, Millie Bobby Brown, And Others Reacted to Their Epic Scenes From ‘Stranger Things’ 4

It’s been six long years since Netflix first introduced to us the world of Stranger Things. The township of Hawkins has almost become our home. We literally grew with the nerds of Hawkins high and have seen the cast leveling up with every new season. We have celebrated their victories and have protested every time they let our favorite character down. The actors too have formed such a strong bond on and off the screen that they are probably inseparable now. And the last season was such a hit that it almost crashed the streaming giant itself.

Furthermore, after the penultimate season of this gore series, it has indeed achieved a marketing triumph. It is a pop culture phenomenon that still feels worthy of discussion. And fans have done it in a rather amusing manner. They have left no topic untouched and have actively participated in the talks around the world. The cast also adds in the fun now and then by appearing in various interviews and letting out small hints as well. Now we do know how fans reacted after watching Stranger Things 4. But have you ever wondered how our favorite cast would have reacted watching their own scene?

Netflix recently uploaded a video of Stranger Things cast on set

Earlier we got a chance to go on the characters’ journey throughout the series with the actors playing the roles themselves. We also got to know some of the best scenes of Stranger Things were improvised on the spot. But we got a little chance to see them actually on the set. Recently, Netflix gave us the privilege. The streaming service tweeted a video showing how the kids reacted while watching their own scenes. It is fun to watch them watch themselves on screen.

Apparently, when Sadie Sink watches Max levitating in the Dear Billy episode, she gets that “eeeeeuhh” feeling. While others claim it is an incredible scene. Further, Eleven aka Millie Bobby Brown laughs at her own scenes in the most adorable manner ever. But the most hilarious meme material thing to watch is Vecna staring at Vecna on screen! The 46 seconds video was uploaded on 15 July 2022 and has got 13K plus likes till now.

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