Mini Monster Stops ‘The Witcher’ Production as Henry Cavill Falls Prey To It

Mini Monster Stops ‘The Witcher’ Production as Henry Cavill Falls Prey To It

The mighty demon slayer and an ideal father in The Witcher. The kindest superhero in DC movies. Handsome and intelligent duke in The Tudors, and even the very famous Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes. So many enticing characters and only one name: Henry Cavill. He has done such a marvelous job as an actor that we couldn’t get our eyes off him on screen. The actor is currently shooting the most anticipated season 3 of Netflix’s very popular dark fantasy drama, The Witcher. It is indeed delightfully spooky and suspenseful.

The white-haired, magnanimous monster hunter and the chaperone of the Cintran princess Cirilla has been working tirelessly for almost 6 months now. But it seems like the newest wave of covid-19 trapped him in its conjuration. Yes, Henry Cavill, the barbaric Geralt of Rivia, is tested positive! We are not screaming; You are.

The Witcher halts filming as Henry Cavill contracts covid-19

Apparently, Freya Allan’s shoot in the hottest desert on Earth was wrapped up. The cast and crew of Netflix’s The Witcher were ready to begin shooting its most ambitious sequence yet: The Thanedd Coup. After a little break, they were to start filming last Monday. But that did not happen. Sources confirmed that the reason was Cavill’s contract with Coronavirus. The producers assume that the entire cast will have to take a leave for the entire week and wait for their central actor to recover. And knowing the healthy and fit man Cavill is, we are certain he will get better soon.

And as far as filming is concerned, we don’t think a week or two’s delay would cause many problems. Earlier, too, filming of the series was halted because of the covid-19 cases. But that didn’t cause any apparent delay. Hence, we are certain that we will witness Geralt’s chivalry soon. Until then, stay tuned as we will keep you updated about everything that’s happening on the sets of The Witcher.

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Let us know in the comment section if you think Cavill is born to play Geralt of Rivia. Also, do pray for his quick recovery.

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