Will Henry Cavil’s Geralt, The Witcher, Be Able To Defeat Jamie Campbell Bower’s Vecna and Other Monsters From ‘Stranger Things’?

Will Henry Cavil’s Geralt, The Witcher, Be Able To Defeat Jamie Campbell Bower’s Vecna and Other Monsters From ‘Stranger Things’?

If there is anything that links two of the most popular shows on Netflix, Stranger Things and The Witcher, except their incredible success, it would be the amazing monsters and creatures the two worlds have. Since the inception of both the shows, they have had immensely powerful beasts that were hard to take down for the respective shows’ protagonists.

But a key difference between Stranger Things and The Witcher is that of a hunter. Where The Witcher world has a number of monster hunters, Stranger Things has none. It does make fans wonder, what if The Witcher were to fight monsters from Stranger Things?

Well, it certainly is a compelling question and let us try to find an answer for it.

Can The Witcher beat Stranger Things monsters, including the all powerful Vecna?

Just like Stranger ThingsVecna and Mind FlayerThe Witcher has its fair share of huge monsters. But The Continent is safe thanks to brave genetically enhanced men called The Witchers. These hunters have kept the land, water, and air free of monsters for ages now, something that could not be said for Hawkins, whose safety relies on a bunch of adults and teenagers.

But would The Witchers be able to defeat the horrifying monsters of Hawkins? Well, the answer is yes. But it is not that simple. We have seen in the two seasons of The Witcher that Geralt is a master with his sword. He has slain some of the most terrifying and powerful monsters ever to appear on the screen.

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So for Geralt to kill the likes of Demobats, Spider Monster, and Demodogs would be a piece of cake. However, to slay Mindflayer, who can control his foes, might be a bit difficult. But Henry Cavil’s Geralt would emerge victorious at last. The only monster whom Geralt alone could not stop would be Vecna.

How can Geralt kill Vecna?

As we have seen in Stranger Things season 4, Vecna is a powerful wizard with almost unparalleled powers. So for Geralt to face him alone would be suicide. Even though Geralt has some magical powers, it is not his best suit. So if the Butcher of Blaviken wants to defeat Vecna, he might need a wizard or a witch on his side two. Here comes the role of Yennifer and Ciri. Yen and Ciri together can easily defeat Vecna without even breaking a sweat.

In fact, Ciri alone is a match for the big baddie Vecna as we only got to see a glimpse of her incredible power in the previous season of The Witcher. But enough of us? Do you think that The Witcher is a worthy opponent for Stranger Things‘ monsters? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

The Witcher and Stranger Things both are streaming only on Netflix.

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