Millie Bobby Brown Has the Perfect Reaction to Meeting a Cute Little Fan

Millie Bobby Brown Has the Perfect Reaction to Meeting a Cute Little Fan

The 18-year-old, Millie Bobby Brown is already the most sought-after actress in Hollywood. She had her breakout role at the age of 11 on the biggest Netflix show, Stranger Things. Her portrayal of Eleven propelled her to fame almost immediately. And over the years, the actress has slowly transitioned into other major roles outside the Hawkins universe. With millions of fans worldwide, the global starlet recently had a very cute interaction with her fans. And we and the internet can’t have enough of the heartwarming moment! 

Millie Bobby Brown did THIS to a cute little fan 

Several thousands of fans were waiting for her when she came outside to greet them, but she had eyes only for one little girl. Her little fan got a memory of a lifetime when Millie Bobby Brown just picked her up and started walking away from the crowd.

The girl immediately circled her arms around her neck and the cute AF moment was caught on camera. Brown also took out time to interact with her other fans. She was dressed in a lavender jumpsuit with nude heels. Sporting her blonde locks in soft waves, she looked radiant in natural makeup. 

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The teenager is rolling in dollars as reports reveal her massive fee for Enola Holmes 2

The teenage sensation is now worth $14M dollars. And her latest paycheck may or may not have something to do with it. The Stranger Things actress has bagged a paycheck of whooping $10M dollars for her sequel the Enola Holmes sequel. 

Although she broke out on the scene as Eleven, the actress had pointed out during season 4 that the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, were “sensitive Sallies“. This criticism came after three seasons of the show. Despite numerous close encounters with death, the core members of the Hawkins gang always survived the ordeal. The brothers took offense to that and explained that a Game of Thrones approach wouldn’t work for Stranger Things

Brown will reprise her role of Eleven again for the last time in season 5.

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