Millie Bobby Brown Wants the “Sensitive Sallies” to Have a “Massacre” Like Game of Thrones in Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown Wants the “Sensitive Sallies” to Have a “Massacre” Like Game of Thrones in Stranger Things

The nearer it gets the farther it seems- say the fans for Stranger Things season 4. While it’s almost here, the next two days seem like they’ll never end. To fill their longing hearts, fans are making use of Twitter to share their restlessness with fellow ST fans. It’s also where they’re speculating on theories for the upcoming season. Interviews of the star cast are adding more to their spirit; and according to the stars, the new season is everything more than the previous ones; gorier, scarier, more intricate with the plot, and extremely emotional. In one such interview, Millie Bobby Brown asked Duffer Brothers to transform Stranger Things into Game of Thrones.

Millie Bobby Brown wants a “massacre” on Stranger Things

In an interview with The Wrap, Millie and Noah were asked what they expect from season 5. Millie said, “I trust the Duffer Brothers and their creative process.” Speculating what Noah might want, Millie said, “You probably want Will to die” to which he said, “I guess at the end”.

While they were only talking about deaths, the conversation quickly escalated to massacres. The interviewer asked if they really thought one of the kids would die. He said the cast was so big, “They just need to have one massacre scene”

Considering the gore and the thrill Stranger Things comes with, Noah’s demand isn’t bizarre. In comparison to other gore shows especially Game of Thrones, Stranger Things’ killing rate is negligible, most deaths are characters that are irrelevant to the main story eg, Barb, Alexie, and Billy instead of NedRobb, and Joffery.

The show is a little less real because of this, but isn’t that the whole point? Well, if anyone is to blame, it’s The Duffer Brothers. Guess Millie rightly said, “The Duffer Brothers are two sensitive sallies that don’t want to kill anyone off” and, “We need to be Game of Thrones.” Noah chimed in to say, “And just kill like the main main character” to which Millie said, “Yeah kill me off”

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If they were to kill Eleven, the rest of it would be a pretty dreadful watch. Considering the fact that Eleven is the only kid with powers that is out in public for us to watch; her element couldn’t be missing. Unless, more kids with powers are introduced in the upcoming seasons, and Eleven seems like a memory.

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Referring to Hopper’s death the last season Brown said, “They tried killing David off, they brought him back, it’s ridiculous.” He was the first shocking death of the series that really made people cry.

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A dad to Eleven and an ever considerate human being, Hopper had nothing to not love. His come back the new season is to live for. Which characters do you think are more likely to die in Stranger Things? Do let us know in the comments. And to catch up on all the previous seasons, watch this recap.

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