Meghan and Harry Call an All-Hands Meeting as Netflix Makes a Big Decision About the Couple’s Project

Meghan and Harry Call an All-Hands Meeting as Netflix Makes a Big Decision About the Couple’s Project

The world was aware of the $100 million deal that Meghan and Harry made with the streaming giant. The couple has been trying to meet the ends with the production of their docuseries. Recently, on one side, Meghan had her podcast released on Spotify. Meanwhile, Netflix took a big decision about the deal that the Sussexes made with them. Just when the couple got the news, they called an emergency meeting with the executives at the streaming giant to talk about the decision they made.

Meghan and Harry just called a 911 meeting with Netflix

Netflix has already been in an economic crisis for a long time now. Many of the shows have been canceled and denied permission to renew by the streamer. However, the Sussexes had a deal for two productions with the streaming giant. One of them, the docuseries, is already in production. But Archewell Production’s animated series, Pearl, was under consideration for a long time. Finally, in May, Netflix announced it to be canceled as a part of the cost-cutting move.

The Duke and Dutchess of Sussex called an immediate meeting with Netflix. The source said, “Harry and Meghan called an all-hands meeting. They were deeply concerned about the optics of this.” According to the source, Meghan also wanted to talk to Ted Sarandos, who is a co-CEO of Netflix. Their meeting certainly had a 911-emergency tone.

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The Duke and Dutchess’ powerhouse, Archewell Production, decided to create two projects for Netflix. Pearl is one of them. In September 2020, the couple made an announcement of the $100 million deal, and since then, they have been facing troubles in creating content for both of the projects. But as Netflix has canceled the animated show, the couple is in big trouble.

Although the docuseries, titled Heart of Invictus, is already in production. The docuseries will focus on Invictus Games athletes preparing for the Games, which happened in April. It will also cover the echoes of the tournament that the Duke launched in 2014, along with the power of sports and community.

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The Duke and the Dutchess have been facing troubles with the Royals and now, to add to that, Netflix has canceled their show. Do you think their struggle to sustain their deal with the streaming giant will face more such issues? What is your opinion about the deal? Share with us in the comment box.

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    August 29, 2022 at 6:22 am

    Please CANCEL any & all productions with this despicable, dishonest couple. We love Netflix, but will NEVER watch anything of theirs on your station because they seem to disrespect everyone they have contact with & will step on anyone to achieve their monetary goal! Never are they loyal and eventually they use & offend anyone & will go to great lengths to get what they want & alienate anyone who gets in their way. And that is just despicable to all involved & all that finally realize this! If Netflix continues to involve themselves with this couple, I’m afraid you will lose many many viewers. And that would be a shame!

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