“Mark… Don’t Do This to Me”: Netflix and Fans Melt on Mark Ruffalo’s Throwback Pictures From His “young and drenched” Times

“Mark… Don’t Do This to Me”: Netflix and Fans Melt on Mark Ruffalo’s Throwback Pictures From His “young and drenched” Times

Netflix has a great range of actors starring in the film. The streaming giant has been responsible for launching the careers of many and casting many already popular actors in their projects. Mark Ruffalo is just one of the billion-dollar club actors that have been part of Netflix Original. But he is surely the most lovable. Over the years, Mark has been part of some highly commercial successful films like the Avengers and critically acclaimed films.

But the guy is still as humble as he was in his initial days and, dare we say, still devilishly handsome. Talking about his younger days. Mark recently posted a photo of the early years of his career, and Netflix loves it, to say the least.

Let us look at what Netflix had to say.

Netflix loves Mark Ruffalo

Netflix has always been at the top of its promotional game. Whenever a new project is about to drop, they make sure their social media team talks/posts about the film or tv show as much as they can. And they did the same when The Adam Project was about to drop by, showing their love for Jennifer Garner.

And now it is Jennifer’s 13 going on 30 co-stars Mark who has stolen Netflix’s heart. Mark posted a new picture on his official Twitter handle, captioning the picture #TBT oh to be young and drenched.”

The picture is of a young Mark drenched and posing for a photoshoot. But what is great is Netflix’s comments on the picture. They wrote,

Netflix is absolutely a hundred percent relatable in the comment, as many people have since reacted to Netflix’s reply by saying how it is just them.

Some of the tweets are

The comment is so great that the Hulk, Ruffalo himself, had to react to it. His reaction was as smooth as him.

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Netflix clearly likes Mark, and their last collaboration on The Adam Project was such a huge success that it is safe to assume the two will come together soon.

Meanwhile, Mark will be seen in green once again as he reprises his role of The Incredible Hulk this summer in the She-Hulk Marvel series.

Do you guys love Mark Ruffalo or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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