Why Does Netflix Want Jennifer Garner to Be Its “Mom”?

Why Does Netflix Want Jennifer Garner to Be Its “Mom”?

We all love our mothers immensely. There is no bond in the world like a mother and her childs’. Netflix’s The Adam Project is about many things, from time traveling to love. But the most essential theme of the film is loving and cherishing your family. Jennifer Garner plays the role of Ellie Reed, Adam’s mother in the movie. And it looks like Netflix also wants her.

Jennifer Garner be their mom?

Jennifer Garner is absolutely adorable in The Adam Project. She provides the film with much-needed compassion and warmth by playing the role of Adam’s mother, Ellie.

Not only that, this was Garner’s and Mark Ruffalo’s first film in 18 years after their fantastic collaboration in 2004’s 13 Going on 30. This also gave that extra nostalgia, for which we all loved the movie.

However, it looks like Netflix has become a great fan of Jennifer Garner’s motherly skills, as seen in the film. On the day of the film’s release, Netflix updates its Twitter bio.

In the hilarious bio on Netflix’s official Twitter handle, they are asking Jennifer Garner to be their mom (well, who can blame them? We would do the same!).

This is a hysterical way of promoting the film, and kudos to their social media team. In real life, Jennifer is also the loving mom she plays in the film.

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She has three children from her marriage to Ben Affleck. The oldest is Violet Affleck, after that Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, and the youngest Samuel Garner Affleck.

Movies to watch if you liked her in The Adam Project

If you have seen The Adam Project and completely fell in love with Jennifer Garner, just like Netflix and us, here are other films of the actress for you to watch. And if you haven’t seen The Adam Project still, go watch it now. It is amazing!

Other great Jennifer Garner films are Dallas Buyers ClubAlexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, and Wakefield.

If you streamed the film on Netflix, then you can find more great movies, series, and anime to watch on Netflix.

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