Ryan Reynolds Flying With ‘The Adam Project’ Becomes the Actor With Maximum Films in Netflix’s All Time Top 10

Ryan Reynolds Flying With ‘The Adam Project’ Becomes the Actor With Maximum Films in Netflix’s All Time Top 10

Ryan Reynolds has added another feather to his success. Shawn Levy’s directed film, The Adam Project, has already created quite a buzz for itself and makes its way to Netflix’s top 10 list of most popular English films. Currently, the film is on number 7. But considering the film just released not even a month ago, we can still expect its rank will get higher in the coming future.

With the star-studded cast, and an amazing science fiction adventure film, the film has gathered a large number of viewers for itself. The plot develops around a time-traveler pilot, Adam, who goes back in time to meet his old self, and in order to save the future of the universe. The film cast Ryan Reynolds in the lead role, the other cast includes, Walker Scobell, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Catherine Keener, and Zoe Saldana. 

Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds’s passion for this project has been there since Free Guy’s days. Free Guy was also a breakout hit at the box office during the pandemic that is now racking up big viewership numbers on Disney+.

Now, let’s check out what record did Ryan Reynolds broke on Netflix.

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Ryan Reynolds Becomes the only actor with 3 Films on Netflix’s Top 10 List

With the new ranking of The Adam Project, Ryan Reynolds became the only actor with three films on the top 10 Netflix roster. His other two films of him are Red Notice, and 6 Underground, which have become equally successful during their release days.

Before The Adam Project, Reynolds has tied with Sandra Bullock, who also has two Netflix hit originals, which are Bird Box, and The Unforgivable.

Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds, duo have become filmmaking soulmates, since the Free Guy days, and we can expect more hits from them. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Levy explains, “I’m not going to be shy. To see both Adam Project and Free Guy connect in such a globally commercial way is really meaningful to Ryan and I. don’t make niche programming. I make mainstream programming. And to have both Adam Project and Stranger Things in the upper echelon of the most-watching programming on Netflix is a point of pride.”

Levy is surprised to see the way the film is being re-watched and being kept alive on social media with such sustained energy.

Upcoming films by Shawn Levy and Reynolds are Deadpool 3, and the sequel of Free Guy.

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