Making Of Maya And The Three – The Latinx Storytelling Of Cultures And Creation Of Mythical Worlds

Making Of Maya And The Three – The Latinx Storytelling Of Cultures And Creation Of Mythical Worlds

Maya and the Three is a splendid miniseries about Latin American legends. Notably, the nine-episode miniseries really couldn’t have done more justice to the sheer beauty of ancient Mesoamerica. In a recent video about the making of Maya and the Three, Mexican animator Jorge Gutierrez talks about what compelled him to work on this project. He talks about how “there is beautiful legends, and beautiful art and beautiful stories from different part of Latin America that have never been told.

Maya and The Three- The much-needed representation

The world has never been as intersectional as it is now. Minorities have more representation. Cultures across the globe, not just Caucasian ones, are being celebrated. Undoubtedly, the media plays a huge part in this movement. Being a platform with over 200 million users, Netflix has an additional responsibility to make itself inclusive, and it seems to be taking the job seriously. With Con Todo and numerous other inclusive movies and series, Netflix has added another name to its library: Maya and The Three.

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Maya and The Three is an animated action miniseries about Mesoamerican myths and culture. Significantly, the Princess Maya and the Three Legendary Warriors are to protect the Earth and its people from vengeful Gods.

The ancient Mesoamerican kingdom called Teca, all with pyramids and an underworld, forms the setting of the series. Furthermore, the main characters—Maya and the three Legendary Warriors—draw their inspiration from many different cultures, primarily Aztec, Caribbean, Mayan, and Incan civilizations.

You need to stream this animated series now!

This nine-episode miniseries has it all: breathtaking visuals, thrilling action, thoughtful and considerate craftsmanship, and a splendid eye for details. Therefore, it is a must-watch.

In the making video, Sandra Equihua, Guiterrez’s wife, and the inspiration behind the character Maya, said, “It’s so wonderful having so many diverse artists working with us” and diverse the miniseries is. “Creating Maya and referencing all these ancient cultures is a huge responsibility,” added Guiterrez. Moreover, creators ensured that artists from different cultures were part of the project.

With Dominican, Puerto Rican, Lebanese and Haitian roots, actress Zoe Saldana voices the titular protagonist Maya. Moreover, Latinx and Hispanic artists like Diego Luna, Alfred Molina, Cheech Marin, Danny Trejo, Rosie Perez, and Queen Latifah are part of the cast. Allen Maldonado and Gabriel Iglesias have also contributed to this project.

Have you streamed this celebratory series about Mesoamerican cultures yet?

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