‘Maya and the Three’ – Why to Watch This Animated TV Miniseries on Netflix?

‘Maya and the Three’ – Why to Watch This Animated TV Miniseries on Netflix?

Netflix’s new miniseries, ‘Maya and the Three, calls for the chronicles of a Mesoamerican teen. Every corner of this limited series is a treat for the eyes. It is a Mexican fantasy miniseries created by Jorge R. Gutierrez. This limited series of Netflix is a perfect family time series that includes courage, magic, exploring fighting skills with a royal touch.

Netflix’s Maya and the Three explore three colors prominently deep golds, shimmering blue, and fierce red. This Netflix series explores the adventures of a Mesoamerican teen, who is less interested in her royal duties but loves to polish her fighting skills. The protagonist reminds us of Arya (Game of Thrones), who left her family at a young age to polish her fighting skills to survive. This series was streaming on Netflix from October 22nd, 2021. It is an animated series, which contains nine episodes in total. Each episode contains a chapter, which is 30 minutes long only.

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What’s so special about Netflix’s Maya and the Three?

The show is a visually pleasing series rooted in rich cultural history. The creator of Book of Life, Jorge R. Gutierrez, is an animator, who covered folklore tales, comedy, anime-action. Gutiérrez tries to implant the rich culture of Mexico with a warrior princess. She wants to save the world and along with it, there will be a colorful experience of death and defeat.

The plot develops around an ancient Mesoamerican tale, Maya, a Teca princess who would rather want to develop her fighting skills than become a part of the royal family. To survive and not be sacrificed to the God of War, Lord Mictlan, Maya recruited many warriors like her to create an army together to defeat the Gods. She claims, “I’m the Eagle Warrior to lead them all.”

The voice cast of Maya and the Three are Zoe Saldana as Maya, Stephanie Beatriz as Chimi, Gabriel Iglesias as Picchu, and Allen Maldonado as Rico. This mini-series will capture the attention of the audience belonging to every age group and background. So, this is a perfect family-time series. The characters are also unique from each other. Maya is a princess who is aware of her shortcomings but still wants to fight for her rights. Whereas Chimi who shows her genuine emotions, and Zatz is the villain, who was always an ally.

Maya and the Three is a deeply constructed animated series by Gutiérrez, rooted in rich culture. Maya can question the past to save her future.

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