Maya And The Three Characters: EXPLAINED

Maya And The Three Characters: EXPLAINED

Maya and the Three have grown their own fanbase in a brief period. Jorge Gutierrez directed this kids’ fantasy animated series on Netflix, and it has nine episodes. Set in Mesoamerica with vibrant colors all around, the series is an adventure through time. The characters in Maya and the Three are unique and quirky, and we try to understand them. The show is filled with some amazing quotes of wisdom.

The story revolves around Maya, the newly named warrior princess of one of the four mystical kingdoms. On Maya’s fifteenth birthday, the gods of the underworld threaten to kill her for the misdeeds of her family. This event forces Maya to find the warriors of prophecy to take on the gods and save humanity.

Maya (Teca Eagle Warrior)

Maya, the protagonist of the story, who is the daughter of King Teca, is never short on enthusiasm. The short but gutsy warrior princess wields a golden sword that her father has bestowed upon her. And Maya’s mother gave her the armor she used during battles.

We see the Teca Eagle warrior supporting each of her friends through thick and thin, and her combat skills are second to none. Zoe Saldana voices Maya and conveys each emotion beautifully.

Rico (Rooster Wizard)

Rico is the rooster wizard from Luna Island who uses peasant magic. Our wizard often lacks self-belief, but when his friends boost him, he transforms. The wizard also has another talent for being organically funny in stressful situations. Allen Maldonado plays Rico and has aced the character.

Chimi (Jungle Lands Warrior)

Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Rosa in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is the archer of the group. The archer, just like Maya, has makeup on her face at all times. Chimi can converse with animals and even imitate animals, which makes her extremely resourceful. The archer has magical powers that help her manifest more arrows in crucial situations.

Picchu (Honorable Warrior)

When you want to take on the gods, a muscle head is necessary. Picchu is the personification of brute strength, as he isn’t afraid of any foe. However, in his heart, he is a kind soul who will show mercy to the cruelest beings.

Picchu conserves his words with short sentences, but they describe the emotions perfectly. Gabriel Iglesias has voiced this character, which also clears our doubts about the impeccable comic timing by the character.

Let us know in the comments who is your favorite character from Maya and the Three.

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