Tiktokumentary – Meet the Women Behind the TikTok Voice and Alexa on Netflix’s ‘Go Off’

Tiktokumentary – Meet the Women Behind the TikTok Voice and Alexa on Netflix’s ‘Go Off’

Hundreds of millions of TikTok users have heard the TikTok voice throughout the globe. And millions wonder who is behind this voice – whether an AI or a person? To answer, Netflix’s Con Todo released a TikTokumentary – a parody on the same!

The satire is about Amelia, the fictional lady behind the well-known text-to-speech technology, who discusses her meteoric climb to prominence after years of fruitless voiceover work. Amelia befriends Alexa from Amazon and their friendship experiences a brutal halt as Alexa reveals Amelia’s secrets to the world.

A satire about two digital assistants is the 2021 version of a Rickroll.

“Go Off,” a digital comedy sketch series co-hosted by Netflix stars Jessica Marie Garcia and Julissa Calderon, is produced by Netflix’s Con Todo. Jess and Julissa, along with special guests, delve into the worlds of fan-favorite Netflix episodes and daily observations for a series of humorous skits.

Con Todo

Netflix’s Con Todo, which roughly translates to “With Everything” is a social media community that uplifts and represents all the Latinx people that grace the screens.

Con Todo celebrates the multi-faceted US Latinx experience brought into the Netflix realm. The program gets real on issues like machismo, Afro-Latinidad, self-care, humor, and the first-generation experience.

In Brown Love by Con Todo, the host Dascha Polanco speaks with Selenis Leyva (Orange Is the New Black, Maniac) and Julissa Calderón (Gentefied) about their experiences as Afro-Latinas in Hollywood, fighting prejudices in their communities, and the numerous ways to be Latinx in the first episode, which premiered on February 25, 2020.

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To honor these and other Afro-Latinx artists who are bringing the depth and complexity of the culture to the screen, Netflix brought to its users – Con Todo, so that more people’s lives are represented.

More about Go Off and its hosts

Go-off is a talk show series, featuring Jessica Marie Garcia and Julissa Calderon, that airs every Tuesday. The two Latinx actresses have appeared in numerous shows and movies.

Jessica Marie Garcia appeared on the screen for the first time in the drama series Huge in 2010. Subsequently, she starred in Liv and Maddie, Willow Cruz, The Middle, and How to Get Away with Murder throughout the past decade. Garcia received critical acclaim for her role as Jasmine Flores in the Netflix Original On My Block. The actress is of Cuban and Mexican descent.

Julissa Calderon is quite a Latinx icon who went from waiting tables to going viral on Buzzfeed in a year. The Gentefied star has Dominican roots and has also played a supporting role in the hit ABC drama- Revenge.

With the success of the first season, Still Watching Netflix has released season two with the first episode streaming from October 5. The first episode of the series was the Tiktokumentary – a parody about a fictional voice artist behind the TikTok voice.

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