Lewis Hamilton Shares a Rather Interesting Aspect of His Life With ‘Stranger Things’ Starlet Sadie Sink

Lewis Hamilton Shares a Rather Interesting Aspect of His Life With ‘Stranger Things’ Starlet Sadie Sink

A great story, terrific presentation, and likable characters are not the only thing Stranger Things has given to fans. It is also the actors who became a part of our lives as fans adore them and keenly follow their every move. One of those favorite cast members who got unparalleled attention from the world is Sadie Sink. The ocean-eyed actress won millions of hearts the moment she entered Hawkins High in season 2 of the show. She is becoming a role model for people at such a young age, whether career or personal life.

And it is astounding to see how she is paving toward a life full of love and happiness. We usually consider real-life players as an inspiration for what to choose in life, since people like Lewis Hamilton are an example of the influence for contributing to social benefits. But it seems that the legendary Formula One driver follows Sadie Sink on the path to creating a healthy environment for all. What interesting aspect does he share with this television star?

Lewis Hamilton and Sadie Sink have similar lifestyles and it is life-saving

Stranger Things star Sadie Sink has always been praised for her maturity and it is visible in her acting. The actress is sensitive and caring when it comes to life, and her lifestyle says a lot about her nature. Sink went vegan only at the age of 14 and became an activist for animal life in 2018. The All Too Well star co-narrated the animal rights documentary, Dominion. 

Similarly, Lewis Hamilton completely removed meat, eggs, and dairy products for his diet for many years. In a cover interview with Gentleman’s Journal, he revealed how he used to love all the non-vegetarian food. However, he said no to all the animal products, and this journey has been educational for him in many ways.

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“And, honestly, I was just completely oblivious to the effect it was having on my body, and definitely oblivious to the effect it was having on the environment,” explained Hamilton.

He added that his health and mind has never been more sound as he doesn’t take any kind of medicines now and neither does often fall sick. Both the stars believe that animal products affect the human body badly. Thus, Hamilton pushed Tommy Hilfiger to make his collaborated collection with the brand 100% vegan. Meanwhile, Sadie Sink has partnered up with Stella Mccartney who launched animal leather, feathers, and fur-free clothes.

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What do you think about these two taking steps towards a better life for all that saves lives and environment? Are you a vegan, too? What do you think about this lifestyle? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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