“I was miserable at times” – When Sadie Sink Spoke About Her School Experiences and Why She Changed It

“I was miserable at times” – When Sadie Sink Spoke About Her School Experiences and Why She Changed It

Sadie Sink at just the age of 20 has cemented her position in the acting industry. Not just acting, she is also killing it on the runway alongside Naomi Campbell, and she is also the show stopper for Miu Miu. Sink plays the character of Max Mayfield, who at this point owns the “cool girl” trademark. The actress has been acting ever since the age of seven and has famously portrayed little Anne in the Annie musical. Despite managing acting, modeling, and supposedly dating, the actress did not compromise her education.

Sadie Sink on her school experience

Up until 2018, Sadie Sink used to attend regular school and even had plans to clear the SAT. The actress was a student at a regular school in Atlantas while being a part of Netflix’s flagship thriller sci-fi drama Stranger Things. In an interview with W, when Sink was just 16, she revealed that she studies psychology, chemistry, and calculus, among other subjects.

When you are the face of Miu Miu and have them gifting their great designs to you, day in and day out, it gets kind of hard bottling it in. Therefore, Sink decided to wear her Miu Miu designs to school. Albeit a few weird glances, the actress had a joy time wearing it. While she managed regular school and shooting until she was in junior school, things got tougher later on.

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On the Acast podcast, the Stranger Things actress revealed how things got impossible to balance as schedules became more hectic. The actress also talked about how she enjoyed going to school and talking to friends, but it got demanding. And at one point, she knew she had a choice to make. “I was miserable at times,” said the actress. So, soon enough, Sink switched to an online school in order to continue her education and manage stardom alongside.

This worked very well in her favor, as she could now attend her classes amidst the fighting off monsters and skateboarding on the Stranger Things set. While online school definitely came in handy for education, it did not help much with the way she felt left out after leaving school. The actress felt sad about missing out on musicals and other extracurricular activities.

One day, you are like, oh, man, Ideel so left out. And then on the hand, you’re like, Wow, this is incredible. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” said Sink. If there was an essay competition about the assets of online school, Sadie Sink is a guaranteed winner. Watch her brilliant performance as Max Mayfield in Stranger Things on Netflix.

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