“People weren’t treating me the same way” – Sadie Sink About Going Back to School Once She Became an Actress

“People weren’t treating me the same way” – Sadie Sink About Going Back to School Once She Became an Actress

The talented American actress Sadie Sink has taken over the internet after season 4 of Stranger Things hit Netflix. Her sea blue eyes and red-colored hair made fans swoon for the beauty she has groomed into during the pause of three years. Although beauty is not the only thing that impressed viewers, her acting was undoubtedly impeccable. Like all other cast members, this supernatural series made her profoundly popular.

They started acting at a young age, and Sink was only 14 when she entered the show as Max Mayfield. The skateboarder with her headphone on got herself a unique place in the hearts of fans. However, fame brought several changes in her life as she talked about returning to school once she became an actress.

Sadie Sink shared her experience at school after she became popular

In 2020, Sadie Sink sat down with the host of Theo Rossi’s THEOry Podcast to talk about her life after fame. During the show, they discussed how professional life affected her life and what it feels like to be a child actor. Theo asked The Audience star what she feels when she sees other kids having a normal life. A child artist works all the time and has few moments to do all those things.

And Sadie started acting when she was only ten years old and was doing a broadway then. The young actress revealed that things changed after being cast in a television show. However, she used to go to school like other kids and do school stuff.

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“I was still going to school but it you know it wasn’t the same as it was before like people weren’t treating me the same way,” explained Sadie Sink. All Too Well starlet added that fans asked her for photos in the hallway whenever she got out of a class. So acting changed her life completely but she loves what she is doing.

Meanwhile, Rossi and Sink have worked together in Dear Zoe, where he is playing the role of Sink’s father. The drama tells the story of 15-year-old Tess DeNunzio, slated for release on 4 November 2022.

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