‘’Just take it day by day’’ – Sadie Sink, 20, Gives Out Knowledgable Advise Regarding Lifestyle

‘’Just take it day by day’’ – Sadie Sink, 20, Gives Out Knowledgable Advise Regarding Lifestyle

The collaboration between Sadie Sink and Stella Mccartney is every vegan fashionista’s dream come true. Some may know her as Max Mayfield from Stranger Things, while some may recognize her as the redhead girl in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well. For renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney, she is a person who shares her core values on veganism, love, and life.

Not to mention, Sadie and Stella are both redheads. The Stranger Things actress has been vocal about her plant-based lifestyle for a while now. And with the launch of Stella Mccartney’s animal leather, feathers, and fur-free Winter collection, Sink has once again gotten the chance to celebrate veganism.

Stranger Things actress Sadie Sink gets real about her vegan lifestyle

At the age of twenty, Sadie Sink has already achieved so much. The actress has received the Gold Derby Television Awards and Saturn Awards for Best Performance by a Younger Actor. Not just career-wise, but Sadie Sink has also been praised multiple times for her maturity. One thing that Sadie has in common with her onscreen persona in Stranger Things is that she is incredibly caring.

Owing to her caring nature and love for animals, Sink quit consuming animal products long ago when she was just a child. Furthermore, Sadie is an activist and, in her teenage years, used to call herself a vega-teen. Although they have partnered up for a project only recently, Sink and Mccarty have many friends in common.

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One, in particular, Woody Harrelson, best known for his performance in Now You See Me, was the one who convinced Sadie Sink to give up consuming animal products. The young actress revealed to Charlie Teather that she switched to a plant-based diet at fourteen. At such a young age, it takes great determination to look at the greater good, but she managed to do it.

I think everyone should consider it. It is pretty intimidating at first, but just take it day by day. Every little choice counts,” said Sadie on veganism. The actress also credited the great vegan influences in her life for making it a smooth ride. Given the similarities in their belief, there was no better muse for Stella McCartney’s vegan Winter collection than Sadie Rose.

Watch her brilliant performance in Stranger Things on Netflix. Have you tried going vegan before? Let us know in the comments below.

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