Kanye West’s Resurfaced Video Singing ‘Hey Mama’ Before and After His Mother’s Death Leaves Fans Sympathizing With the Rapper

Kanye West’s Resurfaced Video Singing ‘Hey Mama’ Before and After His Mother’s Death Leaves Fans Sympathizing With the Rapper

Kanye West does not have many close relations, but Donda West was the closest person to him. Her untimely timely death in 2007 came as a shock to the singer. Having grown up under her care and guidance after their parent’s divorce, her death affected him greatly. Considering his current situation, many people wonder if his behavior is a result of his loss.

A video of the ‘Donda’ singer humming to music resurfaced on the internet recently. It is a merger of two clips. In the first one, the singer is all smiles as he sings the ‘Hey Mama’ song with his mother, as shown in the Jeen-Yuhs documentary. The second is during one of his on-stage performances with a heavy, dark, and sadder tone to the song.

Ye’s mother passed away back in November 2007. The reasons for her death were cited as coronary heart disease and the aftereffects of cosmetic surgery. Thereafter, Ye performed the song several times, but certainly not with the same energy. In addition, the singer’s general public opinion also grew stronger and more radical after her passing.

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Fans can pinpoint the differences through the changed circumstances. While his recent opinions have garnered a lot of criticism, his loss also brings attention and sympathy.

How fans can relate and sympathize with Kanye West over his mother’s death

Kanye West is a strongly opinionated person, but it is also a reflection of his parents’ confident teachings. They may or may not have agreed with his opinions, but they imbibed him with great knowledge. His music is a testament to their parenthood, and their loss was the cause of his stress.

Many fans commented on how the change in him was visible after Donda West’s death. There are those who feel he should have sought help with mental health to deal with the loss.

Fans could relate to his pain, understanding how losing a parent can permanently alter one’s behavior. One commented how they are not excusing his controversial statements but still feel his loss.

Ye even began a school named Donda Academy as a tribute to his mother, who was an English professor. She worked in China for several years where the singer also studied. While well-wishers don’t condone his actions, a soft spot for the outspoken entertainer continues to best within them.

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What do you think of the two sides of him singing ‘Hey Mama’? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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