Kanye West Calls Out “Hollywood elites” for Being Responsible for His Mother Donda West’s Death

Kanye West Calls Out “Hollywood elites” for Being Responsible for His Mother Donda West’s Death

Kanye West has made some astonishing claims over his mother’s untimely death. The Hip Hop artist who is known more for his share of controversies is now making some sharp accusations. He is currently facing criticism over his racist and anti-Semitic remarks. The artist is now bringing out the proof and explanation behind his remarks.

The Gold Digger singer was born to educated parents. His mother, Donda, was an English and communications professor in college, while his father was one of the first few black photographers in America. Unfortunately, his mother passed away in 2007 as an after-effect of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. But her son has now made some serious revelations about her death.

Kanye West reveals the real reason behind Donda West’s death

Ye has always spoken about the dark side of entertainment. Speaking to the press recently, he was asked about how the industry tries to control him. To which he said, “My mama ain’t here. My mama was sacrificed.” He pondered the fact that a lot of celebrities have lost relatives, giving examples of Bill Cosby and Dr. Dre’s son, as well as Michael Jordan’s father. According to West, a lot of people go missing in Hollywood. The reason he thinks is to monetize and traumatize celebrities to control them.

The Praise God singer also mentioned his broken deals with Gap and Adidas. He ended the rant with, “This truth is gonna be heard.” Naming celebrities Meek Mill, Puffy, and Lil Boosie, he reminded us that none of these names have to listen to anyone because they have done nothing wrong, just like him.

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For years, there have been claims of Ye having issues after he lost his mother. She died as a result of breast and tummy tuck surgery. The entertainer then opened Donda Academy school and named an album after her. Although he is known for making controversial statements, it remains to be seen whether any action or investigation will be opened over his claims. No celebrities mentioned by him have reacted to it yet.

What do you think of his claims in regard to mother Donda’s death? Comment your thoughts.

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