Kanye West Opened Up About His Desire to Quit Rap and How Pastor Adam Turned His Decision Around to Joe Rogan in 2020

Kanye West Opened Up About His Desire to Quit Rap and How Pastor Adam Turned His Decision Around to Joe Rogan in 2020

While Kanye West has now become a controversial name, there was a time when people used to admire him for his successful career. Since the early 2000s, the Chicago rapper has produced several artists. He has contributed to the hip-hop industry with his incredible music and received multiple awards. However, there was a time when Ye almost quit rapping, as he revealed in an interview with Joe Rogan in 2020.

On the podcast, Ye talked about many things, including his willingness to become the president of the United States. While talking, the rapper also opened up about how doctors told him he had bipolar disorder. As he went through a rough patch in the previous years, Ye decided to throw himself into serving God and quit his music career.

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Kanye West almost quit rapping but was saved by Pastor Adam

As material life and fame consumed Ye, he had a moment of epiphany, as he revealed on the Joe Rogan Experience in 2020. He was in massive debt as well. Ye talked about his music and how the industry made him feel low. He revealed he wasn’t sure if he would continue producing music. One day during his Sunday service, Ye was in his place playing monk-like tunes, and Pastor Adam visited him. As Ye talked about his dilemma, Pastor Adams said, “I wanna hear Ye do a rap album about Jesus.”

However, Ye didn’t like to be told by anyone what he should make. But he listened to Pastor Adam because he said it was his son’s wish. The rapper was ready to listen to the kids before he would listen to super-programmed adults. Specifically, those adults who hadn’t done something that Ye was looking to do. And this is how he got the inspiration to continue with his music. Ye claimed he had a deep connection with God. And he believed God was talking to him to make music for those who want to serve the Supreme power.

This was a paradigm shift for the rapper, and he created an album ‘Jesus is King’. It was the ninth studio album that was pretty unusual from his work. Ye himself described the album as ‘an expression of the gospel’. As the rapper was under the influence of God, he created an album that people could listen to with their families. During this conversation with Joe Rogan, he also said it was the first album of this kind he had ever created. Keeping Christianity as the central theme, Ye released the album in October 2019.

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While breaking several Billboard records, the album picked up a positive note. Though the rapper didn’t quit music and continued his journey after it. Have you heard the album? Which is your favorite song from the album? Share your thoughts with us while streaming the album on Spotify.


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