“What is going on…” – Joe Rogan Explains Why He Thinks Kanye West and His Former Friend Elon Musk Are the Same

“What is going on…” – Joe Rogan Explains Why He Thinks Kanye West and His Former Friend Elon Musk Are the Same

Kanye West and Elon Musk were once good friends, perhaps due to their similarities. Although many celebrities have distanced themselves from Ye due to his controversies, he has had quite strong connections. The singer has had allies right from music and fashion to the social media industry, mostly as a result of his creativity and never-ending projects.

But it was the Tesla founder that stood by Ye despite his controversial statements. After purchasing Twitter, the entrepreneur reinstated the rapper’s Twitter account until banning him again over continued offensive tweets. Joe Rogan, who has interviewed both these icons, explains why these two may be more similar despite their differences.

Joe Rogan explains how Kanye West and Elon Musk are similar to each other

While Musk and West may have their critics, much of their success comes from executing their ideas. Joe Rogan who has interviewed both of them explains the factor that makes them similar. On episode 1937 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he was joined by guest and comedian Punkie Johnson. As they spoke of Ye, Rogan explained that people may think West rambles, but the truth is, he just gets too many ideas. Talking of his interview with Musk he remembered thinking to himself, “What is going on behind those eyes,” Rogan shared on his podcast.

Rogan wondered how many different thought processes the tech giant had running in his mind at the same time. Both Musk and West are known for acting on their innovative ideas, possibly how they managed to begin multiple projects. Johnson pointed out how the ‘Gold Digger’ singer also tends to express himself through his ideas. Along with music, Ye began his own choir group, Donda Academy, ahd his Yeezy brand also considered purchasing the Parler platform. While Musk owns SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink Corporation, Twitter, etc.

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Rogan remembered how West once asked him how much Earth would cost. On the other hand, Musk smoking a joint and discussing ideas became of the most memorable moments on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Both celebrities are criticized as well as applauded for their similar views, although they took jabs at each other following their split.

Do you agree with Joe Rogan’s take about Musk and West being the same? Comment your thoughts.

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