“It used to hurt me”- Kanye West Opens Up About His Stance on Mental Health and the Media Fiasco Around His Diagnosis

“It used to hurt me”- Kanye West Opens Up About His Stance on Mental Health and the Media Fiasco Around His Diagnosis

We all have our own stances on critical topics like mental health. Since it encompasses delicate elements like our emotional and psychological well-being, different individuals have their own different ways to deal with it. Normal people find it hard to cope with their problems. Celebrities find it even harder to deal with it, having to keep media propaganda at bay, as Kanye West admitted recently.

In an interview with ABC news, the Donda Academy owner talked at full length about his ways to deal with mental health. He had also talked about his diagnosis on various occasions prior to this interview, opening up about his mental health stigma. He also mentioned some intriguing points on how his surroundings and people around him have a major impact on his degrading psychological wellness.

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Kanye West calls queries about his mental well-being media propaganda

According to the interviewer, Linsey Davis, Ye’s activities on his social media handles had led some critics to question his mental health. She further asked him about his opinion on his being diagnosed as bipolar. The rapper replied that the entire concept of mental health being a big subject is a huge “media propaganda to diminish people who are not coloring inside the lines.”

Elaborating further, he also talked about how the jeen-Yuhs documentary was just a backhanded version of the same big lie. He stated that the weirdest thing about talking about mental health is, “that a crazy person can also call you crazy no matter what you do.” This apparently did hurt the rapper as he further added, “this used to hurt me, and it hurt my ego.

The Donda rapper then lastly linked all of his hardships, saying, “it was something that God put on me.” He believes all of it was just God’s way of being a camouflage in order to protect him. Earlier in the interview, he also mentioned that God just wanted him to get stronger with each passing day. And that is exactly what he is going to do.

What do you think about Kanye’s belief about mental health? Would you like to stand his ground? Or do you have anything to chip in? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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